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I have 2 Daiwa Alltmor-S Rods for Sale:

14' 1", 4pc. 9 wt.

15' 2", 4pc. 10 wt.

I fished the 9wt. once I believe, I don't think the 10wt. was ever used. Both are essentially new rods in the original heavy tartan bags and cordura cases. These Daiwa UK rods were made in their Scottish factory, and really have lovely cosmetics. They originally sold for over $700.00 US a couple of years back. They're just sitting in my closet, so will sell either for $275.00 plus $10.00 to help with shipping within US via Priority Mail.

If you have any interest, email me at casey39ATix.netcomXXX.com (remove the XXX). Thanks! Keith
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