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This is the last rod in my current change over mania!!
It is a very nice David Norwich rod which I believe is branded "ICON" in the US market.
In the UK these rods cost approx. US$1350.00 - then you have to ship it and pay taxes. David is the UK's top "total" rodmaker. He rolls his own blanks out of best quality materials, cures them, and so on until the rod is a finished item.
This one is marked for an 11 line, but I have found that a 9/10 long partridge, & Accelerator work well with it. I have used it for 4 years as a floating line and short tip rod. It has caught more than it perhaps should have done.
It is in very good condition, being a slightly brighter green than my Burkheimers. However it has been fished quite a lot and bears some light marks, but nothing of concern. It has green tyings tipped gold, and the guides are single leg gold loop style. The grips are longer overall than most US rods and the reel fittings are similar to the traditional Hardy rods. It comes in a very high-quality sac and plastic tube. This is a canon of a rod but too light for my bamboo trained style. It weighs less than 8.25 ozs!!!
I would haggle at US$ 525, or trade outright for a Meiser 15/16' 8/9/10 rod, a recent Burkheimer over 14' or a Large Loop Classic. I may just accept a really clean 16'2" CND Solstice.
Please PM me if interested.
Incidently, David Norwich made Derek Brown's rods prior to DB going commercial with Winston. DB, when he set his world record casts, used a longer version. AND talking of Derek Brown, I have had no interest expressed in my adverts. for a 15' 8/9 Winston DBF !!! See advert lower down thread. Same details re shipping etc.
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