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Like Peter already said, avoid the GL4, they were not high performance rods. I spoke to someone who works for Loomis about why the GL4's were such a disappointment compared to the IMX, and he told me they were designed as slower, less powerful, more progressive rods but that the company decided they should be marketed as high performance replacements for the IMX and sold at a higher price than the GL3's. They were not high performance rods, in fact, they were slower and less powerful than the GL3's. The GLX's were the high performance replacements for the IMX.

The GL4 were not good casting rods, were quite a bit slower than the IMX (and the GL3's), and lacked the casting authority of the IMX. In short, I thought they were awful, and as Peter also pointed out, they did not stay in production very long. Fisherman voted with their wallets and Loomis discontinued them rather quickly.

Of the three rods you mentioned in you beginning post, the T&T is the fastest, most pwerful one, the Sage is the slowest, most progressive one, and the Scott is in the middle.

They all use the same lines and all cast sink tips well. However, the T&T has the most powerful butt, the Sage the least powerful butt, with the Scott in the middle. However, the Scott is actually the most powerful of the three because the T&T has a less powerful, slower mid-section that the Scott (even though overall the T&T is the faster rod).

15 ft 8/9 IMX is a very nice lighter line 15 ft rod, unfortunately is was discontinued with the rest of the IMX rods quite a few years ago. If you can find one, you will get a nice, light line 15 ft rod.
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