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Hello friends,

I'm selling one of my Sharpes Scotties, the 12ft 8/9 - 3 piece, two tip (3/2) spliced joint - SOLD
The blank has been inspected, re-polished/buffed by a bamboo rod smith and is in pristine condition.

The stripper guides and snakes guides have been replaced with new stainless steel, hard chrome plated silver finish guides that matched the style of original guides to retain the vintage flair.

Thread wraps are Apple Green with Red trim on all wraps and finished in SPAR varnish which is extremely durable and preserves the original style/look of thread wrappings of this era.

Handle has been cleaned and is completely original, with the original W-fittings and threaded steel/rubber butt cap.

Includes the original rod bag and splice joint protectors (wood).
I will ship in a PVC tube.

This rod is much different than the 12ft 8wt Scottie.
It has more tip authority than the 8wt, but retains the nice full action down to the handle.

Lines that work well :

Gaelforce 8/9 EMT - my favorite
Nextcast Steelhead Finder 7/8 - close second
Nextcast WA-45 or FF-45 7/8 - really nice

Canadians can do e-transfer (preferred) or US friends is PayPal only.
Price includes shipping and insurance.


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Congrats to both of you....that was a nice restoration on this classic vintage Scotty switch wand Mike ..... I’m sure the new owner will enjoy angling with this versatile switch taper that spey casts like the original Grant Vibration rod it was modelled after.
This is my Scotty 12 footer paired with a long belly 70 foot Wulff Spey line, skating a riffling micro tube Spider for Grilse across Jim’s Run at the Restigouche.
Regards from Mann’s Mountain Settlement...Jim
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