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Steelhead patterns. No shanks or tubes, what are the 10 most used, effective and known steelhead hairwings? Looking for info, care to share your opinion on the most classic of the genre?

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the ten best don't have hair in the wing;)

My number 1 if i could only use 1 forever would be Skagit Mist.
2. Dunt Dee
3. Baron
4. Orange Heron
5. Silver hilton
6. Bonne Bouche
7. lady caroline
8. nighthawk
9. Green Butt Skunk
10. another skagit mist

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I have decided that I am going to makes some changes in what I do this year...

God forbid,

I have and am still tying up a full box or two of Lady Carolines and spey fly in different sizes....I have a leaf of mixed wings and a few Dee's....

My plan is to fish the LC's and speys as much as possible and if I have to, change up with the mixed and dee's....

This is extremely hard for me as I love my waddingtons and tubes...love me some tubes....

This weekend i am taking a tying class with BigWilly again and am going to see about Dee's on tubes maybe??? Whore that I am...

Don't know if this helps but there are over ten different spey patterns and I at um hard..
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