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  1. FS or Trade - Thomas and Thomas LPS- 8'6" 3 Piece 4wt

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    Hi There, I have a beautiful Thomas and Thomas LPS - 8'6" 3 piece 4 weight. It has some minor scratches in the finish. I literally have fished the rod maybe 10 times since purchasing it in 2004. No sense having such a sweet little stick like this sitting idle in my rod closet anymore. I am...
  2. FS: Rods & Reels SH/DH

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    Winston BIIX 9' 7wt- Rod is in good condition comes with original tube and sock. $235 plus shipping Sage DS2 890-4- Wont find many is any rods of this age in better condition, barely fished. Comes with original tube $175 Plus shipping Ross FlyStik Medium (7'11 8wt) Fun little rod for...
  3. FS - Sage Method Rods

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    I've got a couple rods I am selling - Sage Method 490-4 , 9ft 4 piece 4 weight - retail is $900, asking $550 Sage Method 697-4, 9ft 6 in 4 piece 6 weight with full wells fighting butt - retail is $900, asking $580 - SOLD Both rods are in excellent condition and come with a blank warranty...