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winston boron iii th
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    Unloading a rod that really didn't need..but wanted 🙄 Winston 12'6" bIIITH used 5-6 hours In excellent condition...hardly any marks on ferrules Abel switch...have 2 Chrome and steelhead pattern Both ported...you pick 1000$ kevin 248-245-4876 Or....450 reel. 550 rod. Combo might not...
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    Trying to track down Winston Boron III TH 12'9" 7wt. Just had one slip through my hands on CL. Hoping to save a little money on a slightly used rod, rod/reel package. Would certainly consider good deal on a new one, though I know that's less likely. Have Sage one 7136 to sell/trade as well...
1-2 of 2 Results