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  1. Spey Classifieds
    For sale are a brand new pair of Patagonia swiftcurrent zipper front waders in a size MRM. The foot size is 9-11. Incredible waders, just have too many pairs tbh. Brand new in the box, never unwrapped, unfolded, or tried on. Retails for 800$. Selling for 500 shipped CONUS.
    $500 USD
  2. Spey Classifieds
    Stop undressing to pee. My waterproof zipper is mounted horizontally for easy access. Ship you waders to me and I will install an EZ-P zipper in 2 days. Call Bill , 814 569 8843 or email [email protected]
    $80 USD
  3. Spey Classifieds
    I am selling some used gear for a friend of mine who is no longer able to enjoy fly fishing. All prices are negotiable. All listed items are in very good condition with light use. Photos for all items upon request. Shipping is $10 per item to CONUS. WADERS/JACKET/VEST: 1) Orvis Silver Sonic...
    $1,234 USD
  4. Spey Classifieds
    Used maybe once. Forgot I had it. Asking $40 shipped.
    $40 USD
  5. Want to Buy Simms G4 of G4Z's

    Spey Classifieds
    Wanted to see if anyone has the older model Simms G4Z's or G4's they would be willing to part with? Would ideally be looking for a pair of the zips but would settle for the pro's. I was less than impressed with the quality of the new model that came out and wanted to see if I could find another...
  6. Spey Classifieds
    I have a pair of Simms G3 chest waders, earlier version. They are as-new condition, never left in the car so not exposed to excessive heat or other elements, and I have had them stored in a wader bag folded same as they come from the factory or at a store. I say they are still like new condition...
    $250 USD
  7. Spey Classifieds
    I've got a pair of brand new Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition Zip Ups for sale but they are way too big for me. They're in perfect shape and have never been worn. Size XLL (Extra Large Long). Was given to me as a gift but they are way too big. (Can't find the wading belt) These are excellent...
  8. Tackle
    Two people I know are looking for felt sole waders for working as part of a stream enhancement crew. The complicated part regarding this is that each of them are allergic to neoprene and other insulations as they irritate their skin. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for felt...
  9. General
    Greetings- I'm in the market for a pair of insulated pant to wear underneath my waders. I currently wear a pair of merino wool mid weight underwear and a pair of Redington fleece pants followed by my waders. I find that this combo makes it very restictive when bending, or walking as I like to...
1-9 of 12 Results