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  1. Lady Caroline Intruder

    Kush inspired me to tie some of these up. I am pretty much following the recipe that Kush posted. This particular color scheme has worked well for local trout.
  2. Scandi Steel, Orange

    Finally the finished patter for Scandinavian Steel. The wild buck caught yesterday convinced me the pattern is finished. Scandinavian Steel Rear Tubing, Fl Orange M Front Tubing Clear XS Tag - Embossed Copper Tinsel Tail - Orange Iceabou Body Rear 1/2, Orange Iridescent Thread, Front Orange Dubbi
  3. Black & Blue

    Tag: Round silver tinsel and white fluoro fibres Tail: White fluoro fibres Body: 2/5 silver flatbraid, 3/5 steelie blue ice dub Rib: Round silver tinsel Hackel: Black rooster Fronthackel: Dark blue silver pheasant Wing: Blue finn raccon to tail tip, a few strands of dark blue angel hair and black te
1-3 of 3 Results