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tube fly

  1. Hooks, Feathers and Floss
    There have been some very pretty flies on the board lately. I thought I'd balance it out a bit....My preferred winter fly is a reverse marabou tube fly...unceremoniously stored in a ziplock bag. My wife just got a "bubble tea" kit which had these large straws in them. I've had these straws in...
  2. Hooks, Feathers and Floss
    Looking forward to spring...
  3. more_red


    nice fly i think fish taco style?
  4. Red and orange tube

    Red and orange tube

    Inspirations: fish taco metal detector intruder all the tiers on speypages
  5. Gaddy on a tube

    Gaddy on a tube

    Red Ween Gaddy tied on a tube
  6. Black and Green Tube Fly

    Black and Green Tube Fly

    Balck and green tube fly
  7. Winters Tube

    Winters Tube

    Winters Hope color combo tied on a tube in the round
  8. Purple and Pink Bunny Bug

    Purple and Pink Bunny Bug

    Purple and pink rabbit strip
  9. Black and Green Bunny Bug

    Black and Green Bunny Bug

    Black and freen rabbit strip
  10. Black & Green

    Black & Green

    Tag: Oval silver tinsel and yellow slf hanks Tail: Yellow slf hanks Body: 2/5 silver flatbraid and 3/5 chartreuse polar dubbing (hareline). Rib: Oval silver tinsel. Hackle: Chartreuse cock hackle Throat: Black hen hackle Wing: Yellow bodyhair from fox to the tail tip, green a little longer, a