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    I have and Echo swing set up that is like new, on the river one time. Not even any real discoloration of cork. It includes rod, Echo Ion reel, backing, Rio Grip Shooting line, OPST Commando Head 450 Grain. $310 plus shipping.
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    Does anyone have a 9wt switch or short spey, preferably 12' or shorter that they would like to part with? I'm particularly interested in a 9 wt Sage Method switch, Sage X 12' spey, or a 11'9" Burkheimer spey/switch. Thanks for your time!
  3. Rods
    Hi all, I am looking for switch rod in 12' length class 5/6, line weight 300gr (Skagit) in medium/fast or fast. Actually I have a similar rod from theanglersroost, but it is too slow. The blank is made of IM6 carbon, I am looking for something faster. I searched the market a bit, but 12' rod...
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    Loop Green Line 11’6” #9 (LGL9116-4). Brand new, plastic wrap still on the handle. The Green Line rods have a bit more power than other Loop rods. Perfect for tucking into tight coastal streams. SIC stripper guides. Comes with one tip. In original tube. Asking $325 + shipping
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    For Sale: Meiser 11'1' "C" rod in 4/5 weight. Four piece with the Meiser tube and sock. This is a custom rod by Bob Meiser, about two years old, the new model. It has a blue reel seat, wraps and blue wood insert in the lower grip. This rod is too light for what I'm doing. I tried it a...
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    Nearly mint, and includes case, original box, warranty card, backing, and Airflo Ridge running line. Gloss black finish, solid/unported spool. $500 shipped to CONUS; PayPal accepted.
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    Hello Everyone, I have several older spey lines that are new in the box that I am selling for $27.50 a piece. I picked these up from a shop that closed its doors. Included is shipping and PayPal. I don't know about shipping out of the US so Im gonna be safe and say US only shipped via USPS...
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    Parting with my Scott ARC 1196. Great (really!) condition - $285 Shipping covered in asking price to U.S. destinations, and will ship outside the States for actual cost minus the U.S. cost. Note: I have more photos but my iPad seems to only want to let me upload one file... Can send...
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    I have a practically new TFO Deercreek Series Switch Rod- 11' #8 400-600 grain for sale. Comes with a Okuma 8/9 wt Reel and Royal Wulff Ambush WF7 line (22.7' Taper - 67.3' running) 266 Grain. Bought this a few years back and since having two kids (4 and 14 months) I just have not had the time...
  10. Rods
    Hey there everyone, I am looking to get into the use of switch rods for some of the mainland rivers here in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am looking to go cheap for my first switch rod, however, many of the online options (including some rods in the 500-700 dollar range) do not list the grain window...
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    Howdy, Thanks for the folks who bought some of the lines I had around last week. I've got two brand new, in the box Airflo Skagit Switch lines I'd like to sell. Mint Green - 360 gr Mint Green - 390 gr Id like $30 each. Please send me a pm if interested.
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    I have for sale a Beulah V 2 Scandi Switch 450 grain 30' head. This has only been test casted and comes spooled on the original Beulah spool $35.00 paypal I pay freight US only. PM me for details or questions. Thanks-Mike
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    Hi all, I'm new to spey pages and was referred here by my friend Josh. I'm currently looking for a 6wt switch rod. I was looking at the echo fiberglass 11' 6wt rod and am really looking for that in particular or any other fiberglass ones. The problem with finding the rod is I'm currently a...
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    I am looking for a 10-11' 7-8 wt switch rod. My price range is around $400 CAN. Please let me know what you have! Thanks
  15. Tackle
    I have a new to me Sage 5116 switch rod and am trying to determine what reel to pair with it. Although given the lightness of this rod it might a great candidate for a new super-light "space age" reel, I really want an old Hardy for it. Question is, which one? I was thinking an Perfect in 3...
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    This is SAGE'S flagship rod! Perfect feel for double hand OR over hand casting. This rod retails for $1,050. Used once. Due to young family, just don't get out as much as I would like. It really throws the big flies!!! My loss your gain. 11'9", 8 weight. Tube is 38" long. Rod weight 5 9/16 oz...
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    I have an almost new Sage One 8116 11'6'', 8wt Switch rod. Used it a couple times but always go back to my long spey rods. Sold
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    Skagit Switch 480 in sleeve binder and box (test casted) $35.00 plus shipping Scandi Rage Compact 540 in sleeve binder and box (test casted) $35.00 plus shipping PM me for one or $60.00 + shipping for both
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    Less than 2 weeks on my reel, fished once and never held a fish. This is the improved Switch with ConnectCore I need an 8wt. Purchased for $99.95 will take $50.00 + shipping Go to Rio web site for more info or PM me if interested. Thanks
  20. Rods
    Hey everyone, I've been flyfishing for about four years now and have really wanted to buy a two hander in the last little while. I've been planning to buy a rod and reel in the 8-9wt range for large salmon and steelhead but recently found a real good price a brand new rod and reel rated for #6...