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    Hey folks, I orderd an Echo SR kit, 5wt 10'...8". and it came with opst commando smooth 300 grain, and an OPST 96g 12' sink tip. Is this basically a weight up for a 5wt? I am about a year and half into spey and I never really got on the high side of grain weight for my various rods. So far it...
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    Hello, y’all. I’m looking at buying a Sage Sonic in the 11’6” 7wt. I’ve heard some info that this will have the same power as a 9wt single hand and rod. So this makes me wonder if this would mean that a 7wt 2H could be used to target fish that would normally be fished on a 9wt SH. I would be...
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    Looking to trade this rod for something more in the 12'6"-13' range. A comparable 7wt. Only fished this rod for about a season and it just hasn't gotten any use since I don't fish rivers conducive to such a short rod anymore. Its in Excellent condition and literally only sign of use is the...
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    I am looking to purchase Anglers Roost 11 ft IM6 5/6 4pc Blank or a full rod I would also consider the 4/5 weight Please PM me here or leave a reply thanks
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    Hello all, new here to the Forums and did a few searches on subject topic but didn't really find the advice I was looking for. I am a long time SH guy, but was recently introduced to 2 handed rods by a guide on a trip to the Salmon River in NY. I mostly fish smaller local streams in SW PA, but...
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    Hardy Swift Mk ll I bought this Rod off of a friend while my 8wt was out of commission. It is a beautiful rod with an ultra fast action that retailed for $800+ originally. It is a very rewarding rod to cast for the advanced spey caster, (similar to a sage one). Unfortunately I don't get to fish...
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    I am looking for a 10-11' 7-8 wt switch rod. My price range is around $400 CAN. Please let me know what you have! Thanks
1-7 of 8 Results