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summer steelhead

  1. Scott 2nd Generation ARC 1196-4 Summer Run Switch

    Spey Classifieds
    Parting with my Scott ARC 1196. Great (really!) condition - $285 Shipping covered in asking price to U.S. destinations, and will ship outside the States for actual cost minus the U.S. cost. Note: I have more photos but my iPad seems to only want to let me upload one file... Can send...
  2. Favorite Bright Day Patterns and Colors?

    Hooks, Feathers and Floss
    Hey y'all. Reasonably new to posting here after many years of reading. Just curious what people like to fish when it's sunny. I have a whole arsenal of dawn/dusk and dark day patterns, but looks like a few bright days coming up in ID and thought I'd see what other folks like to fish or have...
  3. Sunshine + surface flies... Oregon 9.15.16

    Fishing Video
    I recently posted one from 2 weeks ago, but this time I decided to stick my feet back into some waders. The foot is still pretty swollen and will be for months to come, so if anybody has an extra size 10 right wading boot laying around my foot would appreciate the size up and extra room! :grin2...
  4. Oregon 8.28.16

    Fishing Video
    I haven't got out fishing at all this summer as I shattered my foot pretty bad 3 months ago, but sure enough I decided to go to a river notorious for it's challenging wading. Fortunately, my buddy was there to help point out some old man spots from which I could cast my line and hope for the...
  5. LTS Explosive LT 6/7 Summer Steelhead Rig

    Here is a short video demo taken this week on the Clackamas for Donna's Fish-On fb page. https://youtu.be/zVwfYTnx4pg Details: Rod: LTS Explosive LT 6/7 12'6" Line: 350 Rio Steelhead Scandi (31 feet) Leader: 10' Airflo Intermediate with 3' Maxima Fly: Hoh Bo Spey (Chartreuse) River: Clackamas...