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strip wing

  1. The Hunter

    The Hunter

    Old school strip wing
  2. Strip Ween Gaddy

    Strip Ween Gaddy

    Strip wing veriation of the Red Ween Gaddy
  3. Strip wing

    Strip wing

  4. Strip wing

    Strip wing

  5. Purple October Bright

    Purple October Bright

    Purple variation of the October Bright
  6. Orange and Black Strip Wing

    Orange and Black Strip Wing

    Simple orange and black strip wing. Great fall summer run fly
  7. October Dee

    October Dee

    Orange and black Dee variation
  8. Generic Mallard Strip Wing

    Generic Mallard Strip Wing

    Hook: Size 4 Partridge Tag: Silver tinsel Body: Hot Orange Floss, Purple and Red/Orange dubbing with pearl tinsel rib Hackle: Black Schlappen Wing: Bronze Mallard Collar: Guinea