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  1. Toronto spey fishing

    I'm headed down to the Toronto area this fall and don't know where to fish. Not expecting A-list spots but any river that is swingy would be appreciated. I'm totally new to the southern Ontario spey game so if anybody knows of any good patterns i would very much appreciate it. I'm used to...
  2. Terrace/Smithers Trip Ideas

    A friend and I (both BC residents) will be heading to smithers/terrace area for a week at the end of September for a steelhead trip. We both have single person rafts (watermaster type rigs). I'm looking for ideas from people that have experience in the area for ideas on what highlights to hit or...
  3. Rods for BC in April

    I am planning a trip to British Columbia next April (current health crisis permitting) I'm planning to start in Vancouver and fish some of the smaller coastal rivers and the Fraser, then head north to fish the Skeena and some of it's tributaries. I will be taking an 11 ft 6/7 weight switch rod...
  4. new member

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I'm a new member to Speypages, but I've been reading the posts for a while now. I'm 14 and live in southeast Michigan. I'm obsessed with trout, salmon and steelhead, but I love anything and everything fishing (especially spey). I also love tying flies. I tie classic trout and salmon...
  5. Lower Mainland Steelhead

    I am heading down the coast Dec 15-28 for the holidays, hoping to spend a day out on the water for winter steelhead. Grew up in Surrey and never river fished until I moved away 12 years ago. I know of the popular places to go for steelhead; the Vedder and Chilliwack River. Wondering, where...
  6. FS ACR Nova 1205-4 5wt kit

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    Perfect for your summer run and half-pounders, this beautiful 12' ACR Nova is in excellent, like new condition and is available with a Hardy Marquis Salmon 1 clicker (also in excellent condition, only a minor streamside rash). Rod comes with a custom Godshall scandi head made for this rod and...
  7. Let Me Introduce Myself

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All, My name is Eric and I've been following this site since 2013. I've really enjoyed reading the posts and have learned a lot. Now I'd like to start contributing to the conversation. I live in Maine and I'm an avid trout, steelhead, and Atlantic salmon fisherman here in the Northeast and...
  8. Happy Camp - Klamath River

    I just fished the Klamath River for the last three days. I drifted from Gordon's Ferry to the Klamath River Inn. The mornings were beautiful and mystic on the water. I swung flies the whole time. I think the largest fish I caught were maybe 12-13" No adults for me. I'm still in search of...
  9. Podcast Interview with The Line Speed Jedi

    Hey all, Not sure if this was posted anywhere in here yet but wanted to share a great podcast interview I had with Tim Rawlins, aka The Line Speed Jedi. Here's the link to the episode...
  10. Heading to Terrace April 18-21 2018. Join me?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Speypages, I'm headed to Terrace April 18 to Steelhead the 19,20 and 21. I love fishing that area but have only done it with a guide. Gonna get my licenses then find a nice run or two each day and have some fun swingin for chrome. Anyone want to join me or need another person to split some...
  11. Spring Steelhead

    Fishing Video
    A wee video compilation I put together from a trip to BC last spring. Slow fishing, but stunning scenery!
  12. Advice - First 2 Hander for Coho/Stealhead

    Hello all, new here to the Forums and did a few searches on subject topic but didn't really find the advice I was looking for. I am a long time SH guy, but was recently introduced to 2 handed rods by a guide on a trip to the Salmon River in NY. I mostly fish smaller local streams in SW PA, but...
  13. FS: Loop Green Line 14’0” #9/10 (LGL9140-4)

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    Loop Green Line 14’0” #9/10 (LGL9140-4). Brand new. The Green Line rods have a bit more power than other Loop Scandi-style rods. Great for floating lines and has enough oomph to lift and toss sink tips with a Skagit head. SIC stripper guides. Comes with one tip. Retail: $625. Asking: $400 OBO...
  14. FS: Loop Gray Line 16’0” #11/12 (LGR11160-4)

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    Loop Gray Line 16’0” #11/12 (LGR11160-4). Like new condition. Test casted, but never fished. The Gray Line is Loop’s top-of-the-line series and comes with all of the features you’d expect for a top-end spey rod. The perfect big fish, big river rod. Comes with one tip. Retail: $950 Asking: $625...
  15. FS: Loop Green Line 11'6" #9 (LGL9116-4)

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    Loop Green Line 11’6” #9 (LGL9116-4): Brand new. The Green Line switch rods are super powerful and feature a fast action. Perfect for chinook and steel. SIC stripper guides. Comes with one tip. Retail: $625 Asking: $400 OBO Located in NE Portland, Oregon. Will ship. PM if interested. Thanks!
  16. Sandy River Winter Check In

    Just put my last day in on the Sandy here in Oregon. Tough one for me. 15 days on the water and 1 grab. Wondering how others fared this winter? If you fish the Sandy at all I'd love to know how your season went.
  17. full setup Sage VXP spey rod w/ Sage 2080 reel - $650

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    I've got a 13'6" Sage VXP 8wt Spey rod and Sage 2080 large arbor reel up for grabs. I bought the entire setup new in 2014 and have meticulously cared for it (comparable to the "Mod" line that Sage currently offers). I have recently moved however, so I will no longer have much use for this rod...
  18. No idea what I'm doing, but here goes...

    New Member Introductions
    I caught my first Steelhead in the summer when I was 8 years old. A couple split shot and a periwinkle on a size 6 eagle claw hook. Standing barefoot in the rifles on the Nestucca, fishing for trout. I shall never forget my paltry 6' combo bent over and a silver bullet flying out of the water...
  19. Hi! Im Evan!

    New Member Introductions
    Im not gonna lie, I've never really been on a forum before, let alone post in one, so bear with me. I started chasing steelhead a few years back and after two years and three months I caught my first one on the first fly that I tied (in hand). That was just over a year ago. Ive been hooked ever...

    Would anyone in the olympia area be interested in getting a fly tying night going? I might have a location to host, if not im sure there are plenty of places that would have us. I think it could be cool to twist some bugs and tell lies while networking.