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  1. Spey Classifieds
    For sale is a like new (gently used, maybe 1-3 times) Echo King Spey Rod 9130-4. Never personally gotten to fish this beauty. All original, comes with factory King sock and square tube... The items I would be interested in... -Straight Trade: a 150yr St. Aiden (or Andrew), a 3,5,6, or 7wt US...
    $425 USD
  2. Spey Classifieds
    Selling this Beautiful ABEL BIG GAME 4N Like New with box and pouch. Smooth like it came from Abel. Set up for LHW but I was told that it can be user switched. I’ve just never needed to. Im selling because I’ve got another Spey reel that I use and I just don’t use this one. (Will come with no...
    $500 USD
  3. Spey Classifieds
    I have a SpeyCo Skagit 4” I have been trying to sell. It is 2 months old. Barely been used. Since nobody is interested in it for 400 I’ll do $300 Shipped on it.
  4. Spey Classifieds
    Used it maybe 10 times. Silver with black handle. Comes with backing and running line. Amazing condition. 400 obo. It’s a little less than 2 months old.
  5. Spey Classifieds
    Up for sale: Complete switch package for $700, shipped. Includes... Echo SR 5108, 5wt 10'8" switch rod with tube/sleeve Allen Kraken 7-9wt Emerald reel Spey setup: backing, 100' Berkley mono shooting line, 330 grain Airflo Rage head Allen Kraken 7-9wt Emerald spool Single hand setup: backing...
  6. Spey Classifieds
    Used it twice. I believe I still have the box. $40 shipped
  7. Spey Classifieds
    I’ve used it maybe 5 times? Like new condition. No box. $50 shipped
  8. Spey Classifieds
    SOLD*** NextCast Winter Authority 70 640 It is brand new, just not in the box. I never used it. Custom grain weight (640). $35 shipped
  9. Spey Classifieds
    Original Lamson LP Spey (size 6). In great condition. Some minor rash as shown in photos. Perfect working order. $300CDN. Redington Behemoth 11/12 in excellent condition. Bought this last year and only practice casted with it. Never fished. Some minor rash as shown in photos. Comes with box...
  10. Rods
    Hey everyone, Im excited to be apart of a page like this, Im getting into two handers, had the opportunity to swing a switch rod while fishing the northshore area of duluth. Im located in southeastern Wisconsin and Im looking to get a rod somewhere in the 11'6'' to 12'6'' area with a 8w line...
  11. Tackle
    I have a reel which was loaded with 150 yds of backing, OPST lazar line and a 30’ head. I recently removed the running line and the head and cut some backing off (forgot how much) in order to accommodate the SA Anadro for my switch rod. Now I’m returning to the Spey setup and of course I now...
  12. Rods
    I started fishing the Axiom II Switch 8wt a year ago and have loved it so much that I recently ordered the 6wt as well. For my 8wt, I’ve really loved the following lines and grain weights: Airflo Rage Compact 570 Airflo Skagit Scout 540 (or Switch G2) Airflo F.I.S.T. 540 (Haven’t received the...
  13. Spey Classifieds
    I have a Hardy Ultralite CADD 7000 with backing, lazar line, and a rage head for SOLD 🚢 (also has the Hardy neoprene case) Cashapp: $OregonSpey
  14. Spey Classifieds
    For sale is a great introductory Spey setup. Echo classic 13’ 8wt with a Loop Xact reel. Additionally, the reel comes lined with new Lazer Line and a SA 560grn skagit head Used but in very good condition, this is a great full entry level setup for chasing steelhead and salmon. selling as a...
  15. Spey Classifieds
    I've got two brand new LOOP 7X Fly Rods for sale. These have never been fished are in EXCELLENT condition. I have got too much gear and need to start getting rid of rods I won't be using anytime soon. My loss = huge savings for you. You can read more about what LOOP says about these rods...
  16. Fishing Video
    Hello everyone, I have newly started a youtube channel, encompassing Spey fly fishing. Here's my first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJPl8VHfVaM I'd greatly appreciate your comments/feedback! Sincerely, Nathan N.
  17. Spey Classifieds
    Offering up my trusty 4108 Echo trout spey paired up with a nice Pflueger 1495 1/2 Medalist. The reel comes with backing and some 25Ib Berkley Trilene Bigame. Both rod and reel are in good used condition. Cork has some soiling and signs of wear. See photos for reference. A groovy combo for the...
  18. Spey Classifieds
    For sale is a set: 1. Sage Trout Spey HD 4113-4 (11’3” 4wt) ($950) Brand new, Factory, Never lined, unregistered. 2. RIO InTouch Skagit trout spey 325G ($99) integrated fly line. Brand new, never been wet. This line paired best with this rod as per the trident fly fishing review. Here is...
  19. Rods
    Hi all - I'm not 'full-time' fly fisherman; given my location in central London, my time on the water is usually limited to 2 weeks every year visiting my brother in Alaska and fishing systems like the Salt Chuck, the Skeena, the Uganik. So I'm not a great caster, but I used my brother's VT2...
  20. Spey Classifieds
    Loop Gray Line 16’0” #11 (LGR11160-4). Like new condition. Test casted, but never fished. Protective PVC rod tube, not factory rod tube. The Gray Line was Loop’s top-of-the-line series and comes with all of the features you’d expect for a top-end spey rod. The perfect big fish, big river rod, or...
1-20 of 101 Results