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  1. Claves and Other Gatherings
    I started a thread about building a comp rod capable of a 200' regulation single spey cast. I've settled on the blank, and line, still any expert advice is always welcome. At any rate, it seemed that there was some interest in putting an event together to try to document the first recorded 200'...
  2. Claves and Other Gatherings
    Program of events for 2020 Muskegon River Spey Clave, 10/3/2020 Single to Switch to Spey - all in a day! In addition to the following we want to try to be responsive to what people want. We can do breakout sessions on casting or line selection for example. As always we want to provide advice...
  3. Claves and Other Gatherings
    May 3 & 4, Friday & Saturday, 2019 This 2-day event features: 18 FREE Educational on-the-water fly casting/fishing demonstrations. Beginner Spey Casting Class, Friday afternoon. Sign up here Hundreds of rod/reel/line outfits to try on-the-water for FREE.
1-3 of 3 Results