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  1. Rods
    Hello, y’all. I’m looking at buying a Sage Sonic in the 11’6” 7wt. I’ve heard some info that this will have the same power as a 9wt single hand and rod. So this makes me wonder if this would mean that a 7wt 2H could be used to target fish that would normally be fished on a 9wt SH. I would be...
  2. Claves and Other Gatherings
    Program of events for 2020 Muskegon River Spey Clave, 10/3/2020 Single to Switch to Spey - all in a day! In addition to the following we want to try to be responsive to what people want. We can do breakout sessions on casting or line selection for example. As always we want to provide advice...
  3. Brian Silvey

    Easy does it! Sandy river,Oregon
1-3 of 3 Results