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  1. Tackle
    Does anyone know if there's a manufacturer that makes sink tips (not T-tips) heavier than 14 grains per foot? I'm using 10' 140 grain sink tips from opst in different sink rates, but I need some more punch for some of the heavier and wind resistant flies I tied. T18 has a very fast sink rate...
  2. Spey Classifieds
    Used it twice. I believe I still have the box. $40 shipped
  3. Spey Classifieds
    The following single hand lines are in very good to like new condition. Pm for any more info 1.scientific anglers wavelength titan - wf10f - used once, perfect like new condition - $50 2. Scientific anglers wavelength titan - wf9f - used once, perfect like new condition - $50 3. Rio intouch...
1-3 of 3 Results