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  1. Epic Fastglass II 686

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    Up for sale is a lightly used Epic Fastglass II 686 fiberglass rod. For those who aren't familiar with these rods, they aren't your average glass rod. They're much faster than the old school glass rods. It's a great rod for smallmouth bass and is delicate enought for trout. Full disclosure, this...
  2. Burkheimer single handers

    I just purchased a 489-4 DAL from Burkheimer and I absolutely love it. It's perfect for casts between 15-50 ft and I've slayed more bluegill and bass with it thN I can count. I'm looking to replace my current 6wt and I was looking at another Burkie. I mostly use my 6wt for bass on farm ponds...
  3. FS: Lamson Guru HD 3.5

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    This Lamson reel is in great working condition and sports just a couple nicks and bumps. Both reel and spare spool come with their own backing and Rio Gripshooter running line. *Shooting head IS NOT included. Two neoprene cases ARE included, though one is not a "Lamson." $230- includes...