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  1. FS Simms Jackets

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    For Sale: Three Simms jackets. 1) Softshell, orange, hoody, zippered hood, zippered pockets, velcro straps on the cuffs, one chest pocket, fleece lined, XL. 2) Softshell, green/gray, no hood, one two zippered chest pockets, fleece lined, velcro straps on the cuffs, draw string at bottom...
  2. Does anyone use the new SIMMS Quick Stash Lanyard and Accessory Kit?

    I use a sling pack for my steelhead trips. I have often thought of purchasing a lanyard and can see the benefit of having nippers, forceps and a couple other tools handy. Does anyone use the new SIMMs quick stash lanyard? Looks unique but there is not a lot of info on-line about them. Also do...
  3. SIMMS Dry Creek Backpack NEW

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    I purchased this new for a trip but never used it. It is brand but without tags and has never seen the outdoors. $100.00 plus shipping paypal takes it. ConUS. PM me for pic's or if interested.