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  1. Line- Rio InTouch Short Head Spey 6/7 470gr

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    Pretty much brand new!! Bought this new and it won't work on my rod, I casted the line maybe 10 casts total? Asking $65.00 with free shipping within Canada and $5.00 for U.S. Make me an offer! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. :)
  2. WTB - RIO InTouch Outbound Short Coldwater 12 WT, Saltwater intermediate sink

    Spey Classifieds
    Hi, Does anyone have RIO InTouch Outbound Short Coldwater Saltwater 12 WT intermidiate lines for sale? Am from Canada, non of the fly shops that I talked to locally carry it. I found couple shops in the States that have the line but the shipping is between $40-50. RIO currently are out of...