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  1. Destinations
    I am one lucky boy. My bride and I have been planning a trip to Scotland for two plus years. Been saving, working a second job, reading ALL the guide books, planning itinerary. There was no intention of making it a fishing destination, but last night she told me she was in contact with a...
  2. General
    Wanted to share with all of you my first Scottish springer. I've been fishing hard for my first salmon ever since I came here for my first year of university last September, and this one was worth every bit of the wait! Caught on a 15 foot 10 weight and the rod was bent deep...
  3. Destinations
    Hi Speypages members, I've been a member on here for a few years now, but don't post much, mostly amuse myself reading fishing stories and looking for info. A brief background on me as I've not posted for a while.....I am 33 y/o, going on my 10th season guiding fly fishermen in SW Montana...
1-3 of 3 Results