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salmon river
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  1. Destinations
    Hey team, I'm looking to do some steelhead fishing next week on the Salmon River. Got an 8wt Echo and a bunch of ESL, nuke eggs, dirty hohs and snake patterns to toss at them. I'll be driving from Missoula and don't want to drive much longer than 5 hours, so I was thinking of posting up around...
  2. Destinations
    Just moved to Idaho from Bozeman, Montana area. Traditionally a trout bum and salt guy, guided all over for 3 years, but now have no excuse not to get my SH*T together and learn the ways of the steelhead. Got the gear, did 23 days a few years back with friends swinging for arctic char and lakers...
  3. Rods
    new here. First post. Thanks for all your efforts to educate us beginners. I fish mostly in the great lakes region for steelheads. May be a couple of annual trips to Miramichi system. I usually do it all with a 10’ 8wt rod. I am trying to get into two handed casting/fishing for steelheads and...
1-3 of 3 Results