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  1. Fishing Video
    A short video of a wonderful day spent with a fellow angler on the Salmon River in NY. While searching for steelhead (and managing to lose several) we did bring this wonderful brown to hand. Enjoy!
  2. Destinations
    Hey team, I'm looking to do some steelhead fishing next week on the Salmon River. Got an 8wt Echo and a bunch of ESL, nuke eggs, dirty hohs and snake patterns to toss at them. I'll be driving from Missoula and don't want to drive much longer than 5 hours, so I was thinking of posting up around...
  3. Destinations
    Just moved to Idaho from Bozeman, Montana area. Traditionally a trout bum and salt guy, guided all over for 3 years, but now have no excuse not to get my SH*T together and learn the ways of the steelhead. Got the gear, did 23 days a few years back with friends swinging for arctic char and lakers...
  4. Rods
    new here. First post. Thanks for all your efforts to educate us beginners. I fish mostly in the great lakes region for steelheads. May be a couple of annual trips to Miramichi system. I usually do it all with a 10’ 8wt rod. I am trying to get into two handed casting/fishing for steelheads and...
1-4 of 4 Results