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  1. Lamiglas LS 1357 -- Just the tip

    One of the rods in my quiver is a Lamiglas LS 1357. It's my first rod -- handed down from my boss, who found it in the Deschutes. The thing is steeped in lore, like baby Moses plucked from the Nile. But really it's a 13'6 noodle that's been a bunch of fun to cast and hook a fish on. Regrettably...
  2. CND Custom Design 13' 5-6-7 Expert Spey Rod for sale

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    CND Custom Design 13' 5-6-7 Expert Spey rod for sale. Almost new condition with nylon rod sock (no tube). Gray blank with black rod wraps, unlocking carbon fiber reel seat, spigot ferrules, and premium cork handle. $220 obo and payment type/shipping are negotiable. Email [email protected]
  3. FS: Echo DH II 7130 (BRAND NEW)

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    I recently bought a new DH II because my DH had a chip. I ended up sending in my chipped DH to Echo and they sent me back a brand new DH II (gotta love Echo). So now I have two DH IIs and Im selling the one that hasn't been used. Still has the tag on it! Echo DH II 7130-4 // cork still in...
  4. FS: Ross Reach Spey Rods & Wright/Mcgill reel

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    Selling both 13' 7 Weight and 13'3" 8 weight ross reach spey rods. Also a wright & mcgill reel 9/10. Both rods and reels have seen two seasons of fly fishing still in great shape. Never used warranty. $200 for either of the rods, $140 for reel.
  5. FS - Sage 9140-4 Graphite III

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    A classic! This is the 9 wt, 14 ft, 4-piece rod that's become known as the "brownie". A slow to medium action rod with a soft-tip and great, light feel for its size (only 7 3/8 oz...not one of the later, heavier versions). Light use and in good condition with clean grips and a few minor scuffs...
  6. FS: Scott S4S 906-4 (used)

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    STILL AVAILABLE - Selling my used Scott S4S 906-4 (9ft, 6wt, 4 piece). Great rod for bass, streamer fishing, bone fish if its not windy, sea run cutts, etc etc etc. Rod is used and price reflects that. $350 which includes shipping to CONUS and paypay fees. Happy to supply pics. Thanks!
  7. TFO BVK 7WT 9'6" Single Hander

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    TFO BVK 7WT 9'6" Single Hander Sold!! Thank you!
  8. FS - Sage Method Rods

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    I've got a couple rods I am selling - Sage Method 490-4 , 9ft 4 piece 4 weight - retail is $900, asking $550 Sage Method 697-4, 9ft 6 in 4 piece 6 weight with full wells fighting butt - retail is $900, asking $580 - SOLD Both rods are in excellent condition and come with a blank warranty...
  9. salmon carcass

    salmon carcass

    CND Black Spey, Old Florida Reel, and a dead salmon