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  1. Stonghold: One Man's Quest to Save the World's Wild Salmon

    Book Reviews
    Just finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Though, enjoyed is a strange word. Because, I simultaneously grew more saddened by the current state of not only my own local rivers, but the entire ecosystems surrounding them. The book is more or less a biography of the president and CEO...
  2. Coastal Winter Steelhead

    Fishing Video
    I was just lurking in the bushes watching my girlfriend (totally non-creepily) and decided to film for a moment... turns out... Capturing the take was pretty cool and I get more excited watching her hook a fish than when I do! Anyways, here's a quicky from last month- https://vimeo.com/260651849
  3. Sandy River Winter Check In

    Just put my last day in on the Sandy here in Oregon. Tough one for me. 15 days on the water and 1 grab. Wondering how others fared this winter? If you fish the Sandy at all I'd love to know how your season went.
  4. Sunshine + surface flies... Oregon 9.15.16

    Fishing Video
    I recently posted one from 2 weeks ago, but this time I decided to stick my feet back into some waders. The foot is still pretty swollen and will be for months to come, so if anybody has an extra size 10 right wading boot laying around my foot would appreciate the size up and extra room! :grin2...
  5. Oregon 8.28.16

    Fishing Video
    I haven't got out fishing at all this summer as I shattered my foot pretty bad 3 months ago, but sure enough I decided to go to a river notorious for it's challenging wading. Fortunately, my buddy was there to help point out some old man spots from which I could cast my line and hope for the...
  6. Clackamas bridge

    Clackamas bridge

    Bridge in Estacada OR www.Kevinhoss.com