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  1. OPST Commando Groove

    Hello, hoping someone can help me with this. I don't get the OPST line recommendations.... Says I should be around 325-350. I have TFO Deer Creek 11' 7 weight switch. Currently casting 480 Airflo skagit scout on and really like it. So I bought a 450 commando groove. I based this on a guess...
  2. FS: Heads, Airflo wallet, MOW tip, shooting line

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    Shipping to CONUS, will add cost for Canada. Rio Powerflex Max shooting line, 100' .030" floating, both ends looped, on spool in box, used - $30 OPST Commando 275, used, in box - SOLD Airflo Rage Compact 300, used in ziplock wallet bag - SOLD I'm pretty sure this line is a Nextcast FF, the...
  3. FS 425 gr OPST Commando head

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    Worn but still fishable. Frayed back loop from use with Lazer running line. $20 which includes shipping.
  4. FS 4 Meisers and Speycos

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    Moving to Hawaii and selling some of my favorite gear sadly Email me for pictures if interested - [email protected] $525 15' MKS 8/9 - long line launcher - with ballistic vector xl and winter authority 55 plus dry and sink tips. $475 13'6" highlander s 8 - olympic peninsula winter stick -...
  5. How many feet of mono running line do you spool up on your reel?

    I'm going to give OPST 40 lb Lazer running line a go on my Sage Domain 10. The Lazer spool contains 50m of 0.52 line which is 164'. According to Ed Ward's video on the OPST site he indicates either cutting it into 2 equal length's or as he indicates he loads the entire spool on his reel. I...