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  1. Spey Classifieds
    Selling two skagit heads. OPST Commando 300gr.: $35 Rio Skagit Max Power 375gr.: $35 Both heads have seen very light use and are in excellent condition. The Rio head still has all of its original packaging. Willing to pay shipping for continental US.
    $35 USD
  2. Spey Classifieds
    Selling two skagit heads and two OPST sink tips. Individually: OPST Commando 250gr. head: $35 SOLD Rio InTouch Trout Spey Skagit 275gr. head: $35 SOLD OPST Riffle 7.5ft Tip (60gr.): $15 SOLD OPST Bucket 7.5ft Tip (60gr.): $15 SOLD COMBO DEAL NO LONGER AVAILABLE Everything listed is in...
    $35 USD
  3. Spey Classifieds
    OPST Commando 425grain 16.5’ head. The head has only been test cast, not fished. Just doesn’t suit my rod, so moving it on. Line is in great shape, just a bit of the print ink has bled and smudged in a few spots. No box or spool, will be shipped in an envelope. $48 CDN/ $35 USD including...
    $35 USD
  4. For Sale Delete

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    *Changed my mind on this line. Going to hang onto it and give it a second chance. OPST Commando 425grain 16.5’ head. The head has only been test cast, not fished. Just doesn’t suit my rod, so moving it on. Line is in great shape, just a bit of the print ink has bled and smudged in a few spots...
    $40 USD
  5. Tackle
    I already solved this on my own - do not mix heads and tips from different companies - but if some of you would have experienced the same/similar and could explain theories and science behind, it will be quite a gain for my Spey casting understanding and development. Below I have to mention...
  6. For Sale JT

    Spey Classifieds
    $65 USD
  7. Spey Classifieds
    I just bought it today. Wrong size for my rod and cannot return. Made about five casts with it and that is it. $75 shipped. Comes with box as well.
    $75 USD
  8. Spey Classifieds
    I bought it 3 days ago and I hate it. Too short. 40$ shipped. 375 grains 15ft
    $40 USD
  9. Spey Classifieds
    For sale two Skagit Heads: OPST 450 grain commando head. A fun head for short rods, but now that I'm more experienced the need for a sub 20ft skagit head is no longer needed. Used 4 times when I first started swinging in the summer for Pinks in Aug 2021. $40 - SOLD!!! Airflo Skagit Compact...
    $40 CAD
  10. Rods
    Been wanting to pull the trigger on this for some time! Finally did and REALLY glad I did. Test casted in the yard with a 200g commando head and 5’ float tip and 6’ of maxima 10lb. On 20lb mono running line.. zips it out there like a rocket when you put some pep into the cast… but shines on...
  11. Spey Classifieds
    for sale: OPST Commando 200gr - $40 OPST Commando 225gr- $40 both lightly used, in original packaging willing to ship at buyers expense.
    $40 USD
  12. Spey Classifieds
    Lines found, thanks. Looking for the following OPST Commando heads: 200 grain 225 grain 275 grain
  13. Spey Classifieds
    In search of a 250-275 grain OPST Commando Smooth…. Anyone got one they aren’t using???????? Thanks in advance!! Norman
  14. Tackle
    Hi guys, On my TFO Deer Creek Switch #6 I am using an OPST Commando Head 350gr (OPST recommend a 300gr but it feels too light, 350gr load the rod better) and I'm really satisfied with it. I was thinking about buying an OPST Commando Groove, but I am not sure about the grain weight since on...
  15. Spey Classifieds
    As the title says... in search of one that somebody wants to part with????? Thanks in advance !
  16. Rods
    Hi to all, I was thinking about buying a Redington Trout Spey Rod, I am interested in the Redington Dually 2 (the new version of the Dually) 4wt. Since I already have an OPST Commando Smooth 275gr that I use on my 10' #7 single Hand Rod, I wanted to know if I could use it on that rod. I have...
  17. Spey Classifieds
    I have for sale a never used 13'6" 7wt Redington Chromer with a 425 grain OPST Commando head, 40lb OPST Lazar line and OPST 168grain (Riffle,Run,Bucket) sink tips. Bought originally for fishing Vancouver Island but never ended up using anything other than my single handed OPST setup. The 13'6"...
  18. Spey Classifieds
    Hello everyone, I've got quite some Spey Rods, Single Hand Rods, Reels, Lines and some assorted gear for sale. I'm helping a friend sell this gear. He has taken very good care of all his equipment, everything is in great or excellent condition. All prices include shipping within the US only...
  19. Tackle
    Hello, hoping someone can help me with this. I don't get the OPST line recommendations.... Says I should be around 325-350. I have TFO Deer Creek 11' 7 weight switch. Currently casting 480 Airflo skagit scout on and really like it. So I bought a 450 commando groove. I based this on a guess...
  20. Spey Classifieds
    Shipping to CONUS, will add cost for Canada. Rio Powerflex Max shooting line, 100' .030" floating, both ends looped, on spool in box, used - $30 OPST Commando 275, used, in box - SOLD Airflo Rage Compact 300, used in ziplock wallet bag - SOLD I'm pretty sure this line is a Nextcast FF, the...
1-20 of 26 Results