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    Hey y’all, I have been following Spey pages for quite some time now just have not created an account. Anyways I am from Southcentral AK and am a self proclaimed Spey addict.
  2. Got some rods and lines to try oht

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    Been catching pa steelhead with a 10’ 7 and 9’6 8 weights and like them. Recently I got on a buying spree thinking I needed some two handlers. I’ve had a 14 foot Cabelas tlr 9 weight I impulse bought when it was on sale awhile back and never really got a line to cast it. Got on The inter webs...
  3. here to learn

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    Recovering entrepreneur who gave up starting companies and moved up to the Olympic Peninsula a couple of years ago and took up fly fishing. Have had the opportunity to fish on the Sol Duc and Bogachiel on the peninsula, Hood Canal, Yakima in central WA, Kenai River AK, Lees Ferry, AZ, Conejos...
  4. New to spey

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    Traveled to Scotland a lot over the last 7 years, and finally gave Spey fishing / 2 handler a try- looking to learn more and demystify.
  5. Hello

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    New to this forum although I have spent some time reading old posts. I am looking forward to learning lots on here and meeting other anglers!