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  1. Spey Classifieds
    Mix of OPST trout spey and full Spey Skagit lines, tips, etc. Prices in CAD. Willing to ship internationally but buyer pays shipping. Will accept e-transfers, cash or mailed cheques. All lines in excellent condition. First come first served. Lineage as follows: Sold Pending Funds - $15 - 10’ -...
    $175 CAD
  2. Tackle
    I tested out my new Skagit line setup and I have some random thoughts. My running line is a 3wt level fly line because it's more comfortable than 30lb mono and even though I could get more distance with the mono I am sticking with the more comfortable option. I am using Rio's Skagit iFlight...
  3. Sold MOW Tips

    Spey Classifieds
    3 Mow tips all light to zero use. 1.) 7.5 Float / 2.5 T-14 2.) 7.5 Float / 2.5 T-11 3.) 5 Float / 5 T-11 Looking for $25 each. Take all 3 for $50 Cash accepted for Locals, out of towners Paypal is accepted (I cover shipping).
    $25 CAD
1-3 of 3 Results