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  1. FS Meiser 11'1" 4/5 wt

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    For Sale: Meiser 11'1' "C" rod in 4/5 weight. Four piece with the Meiser tube and sock. This is a custom rod by Bob Meiser, about two years old, the new model. It has a blue reel seat, wraps and blue wood insert in the lower grip. This rod is too light for what I'm doing. I tried it a...
  2. FS 4 Meisers and Speycos

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    Moving to Hawaii and selling some of my favorite gear sadly Email me for pictures if interested - [email protected] $525 15' MKS 8/9 - long line launcher - with ballistic vector xl and winter authority 55 plus dry and sink tips. $475 13'6" highlander s 8 - olympic peninsula winter stick -...
  3. Meiser Trout Master Conversion Rod

    TM90661195: 9'6" 4pc 6wt & 11'9" 5pc 5wt I've owned this set since the beginning of last month and put it through its paces. Out wide with the 2 and in tight with the single. even hooked into a carp with the 2. I can't say enough good things about it. The ease of use is exceptional with the...