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  1. Trout
    Hi everyone, I am looking for some recommendations for a line to use as a nymphing line for trout spey/switch. I am also curious as to how everyone likes to size the line weight to their trout spey/switch rods.
  2. Tackle
    Hey all, Just curious as to why it is suggested to always go with a slightly lighter Multi Density Skagit line rather than just matching your normal Skagit. For instance, on my Sage Sonic 7136-4, I cast a 550 Max Power (the highest end of the grain window), but for the Gamechanger the highest...
  3. Tackle
    Hi all, Hope everyone's been safe during these times. Had a fairly simple question which I couldn't answer using the internet, so I figured I'd turn to here. What Skagit grainage do you guys think would be good for the Hardy Demon 9/10 13'9? I'm going to be using this rod for a Chinook salmon...
  4. Rods
    I have an old orvis 15ft 10wt with an in touch long head Spey line 120ft 840g but the belly seems too long to long to pick up out to the water to cast any recommendations?
  5. Tackle
    Hi everybody! I'm a beginning spey fisherlady and plan to target summer steelhead when possible. I was recently gifted a Hardy Ultralite 13' 7 weight. It's a fairly slow action rod with a soft tip. I've been floored with all the options for lines. Any recommendations on a good line pairing for...
  6. Rods
    I started fishing the Axiom II Switch 8wt a year ago and have loved it so much that I recently ordered the 6wt as well. For my 8wt, I’ve really loved the following lines and grain weights: Airflo Rage Compact 570 Airflo Skagit Scout 540 (or Switch G2) Airflo F.I.S.T. 540 (Haven’t received the...
  7. Rods
    especially with the Evotec cast series, since I have that one, but I need some advice on it, grain window, line rec, rod feel, etc, I heard they are nice quality
  8. Rods
    I recently bought a #6 Echo OHS and i need some review, maybe some line recommendation, grains etc… or somebody that already has it could tell his experiencia, I cast it almost exclusively Two-handed P.S: my goal is to reach maximum distance, preferably with a scandi head
  9. General
    I have a short spey rod (T&T DNA-XD 1208-4), and I'm currently throwing a Rio Skagit Short 525gr head on it. If I were to get a Rio Skagit Max 525gr, would that be appropriate? It seems such, but I was wondering if it would be at all advantageous to go up or down 25gr with the addition in...
  10. Rods
    Hi All, Picking up this rod, but haven't gotten a chance to cast beforehand. Any line recommendations? Grain window according to the Scott site is 580 Scandi & 640 Skagit. Thanks, Tony
1-10 of 10 Results