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  1. Fishing with the Doublehanded Rod
    A fresh, wild coho, November 21.
  2. Hooks, Feathers and Floss
    it took a few but im really happy with this one.
  3. Hooks, Feathers and Floss
    Continuing to tie some flies to get ready for my Klamath trip. Will be working on some "Brett's Klamath Intruders" in a bit, but was fooling around with some hackle to see what I could come up with. Tied on a senyo 23mm micro shank.
  4. Hooks, Feathers and Floss
    Hello all. I'm wondering if the Whiting bugger packs would be good substitute for saddle hackles on intruder-ish patterns?
  5. Life Flex Intruder variation

    Orange and black Intruder variation
  6. O and B Rubber Leg Intruder

    Intruder variation with rubber legs
  7. Pink Intruder on a hook

    Pink Intruder on a hook
  8. Green and black rubber leg Intruder

    Green and black Intruder variation
  9. image

    Sol Duc

    fishes like it looks...
  11. Lady Caroline Intruder

    Kush inspired me to tie some of these up. I am pretty much following the recipe that Kush posted. This particular color scheme has worked well for local trout.
1-16 of 16 Results