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  1. Spey Basics
    Hello everyone, I am having trouble casting lines other than Skagit heads on my trout spey. I am using an 11 foot Sage pulse #3. For example, I can cast a rio InTouch Skagit trout spey 275gr head with a 10ft floating MOW tip easier (and nicer) than a 270 grain Rage head, or a 240 grain Rio...
  2. General
    Hey Fellow SpeyPagers, For those who may be looking to hone their craft and be based in PA / NY / NJ / VT, there is a casting clinic being hosted by Jay Peck. It is a half day clinic which he is running twice and is scheduled for August 27 and 28 (you pick the date that works for you). He will...
1-2 of 2 Results