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    Long shot here. But looking for this rod if anyone has one gathering dust. Hopefully in good condition. Lemme know your price. NOT INTERESTED IN ANY OTHER RODS. PLEASE DON'T SUGGEST.
    $1 USD
  2. Spey Classifieds
    Please contact me via e-mail to [email protected] I will check my e-mail daily. I don't check SpeyPages IM very often. Listed prices include shipping (U.S.) and Pay Pal Fees. Photos can be provided at request. 503 gr. 39.8' SCANDI by Steve Godshall custom made for an ARE UHM 14ft. 7/8 and...
    $25 USD
  3. Spey Classifieds
    This is on the off chance that someone may have a slightly used Equalizer to try on my recently acquired 15'8" Steve Godshall Quantum spey rod. I know these lines are hard to come by used and that most people never get rid of them once they've tried them but I thought I'd give it a try just in...
1-3 of 3 Results