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    FS- Peak Rotary Vise-SOLD This is a true rotary vise with C-clamp base, D handle, material clip with 2 springs, and bobbin holder. Very good condition. https://peakfishing.com/products/fly-tying-vises/prvc-1/ Canada and lower 48 states.$95US shipped. PayPal. Thanks for looking.
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    So i've been an avid fly fisherman for the past five years or so. Starting out chasing trout as often as I could, and later on changing my focus to chasing steelhead all over the northwest. I've always wanted to get into tying my own flies but had a hard time committing the time/resources to get...
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    I have an HMH Standard Full Rotary Vise (retails $299) with Combo Tube and Bobbin Rest upgrade ($79). Total package retails for $379. Comes with a very nice Neoprene carrying case. This is a sweet vise and will last you for years of tying. The ONLY reason I am selling it is that I have a new...
1-3 of 3 Results