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  1. General
    I have a 10’4” Echo Ohs 6wt, and a full Floating Rio single Handed spey line, #5 (200 gr), what lenght of leader should I use?, I usually fish streamers, and any Other recommendations or comments u might have is welcome:)
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    Offering up my trusty 4108 Echo trout spey paired up with a nice Pflueger 1495 1/2 Medalist. The reel comes with backing and some 25Ib Berkley Trilene Bigame. Both rod and reel are in good used condition. Cork has some soiling and signs of wear. See photos for reference. A groovy combo for the...
  3. Rods
    I'm in the market for a 13'ish 7wt rod that I can use kind of as a multipurpose stick, scandi & skagit - summer stick / low-water winter stick, that sorta thing. I was looking at an Echo E3-7130-4 that's on sale for $350. I know it's a brand new 8 year old rod, and from what I've gathered, it's...
  4. General
    Since no retail rod makers seem to be making glass two handers, I’m hoping to find a 3106, 4108, 7126, or 8130. Any leads would be appreciated! Thanks much.
  5. Spey Classifieds
    Anyone interested? Fished maybe ten times. Cork 8/10. No blemishes. 150 shipped
  6. Rods
    I had an opportunity to fish with this rod over the weekend. Cast a 540 Airflo Skagit Compact G2 and a variety of tips and weighed / non-weighed flies. I really liked the rod. The cork was okay. A bit of filler in the cork, but I thought it was okay. The grip was comfortable. I fish the...
  7. Spey Classifieds
    Hello i'm selling my Echo 2 12'4" 7wt Spey Rod with an AirFlo Rage Compact 510 gran shooting head and free shipping included in the price. Echo 2 - 12'4" 7wt 7124FA-4X Spey Rod - SOLD - . Works really well as a Scandi/underhand rod but also does great picking up heavy sink tips for skagit style...
  8. Spey Classifieds
    Hello! Im putting together a spey setup for a buddy who is getting into swinging flies here in the PNW. Im looking for an Echo Ion 8/10 reel to hold his line. Let me know if you have a spare one lying around or if you have one you are looking to get rid of. Happy to pay a fair price or trade...
  9. Spey Classifieds
    Echo 3, 13'0" 7wt I bought this rod used early this year, then it became my backup rod. Now its just collecting dust so I would like to pass it on. The cork has little bits of filler missing from the cork as well as a few chips out of the edges. There are some small scratches on the blank...
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    7wt 13' 4-piece Echo TR series spey rod. Matt olive green finish. Fished only a hand full of times. Just doesn't get the use that it deserves. $300CAD+postage OBO Would consider trading for 9' 10wt single hand, suitable for musky and pike. Cheers e
  11. Spey Classifieds
    Selling an extra Echo DH II 7130-4 that I have. Rod is brand new, cork still in plastic, tag still on tube. Warranty card in tube as well. Asking $250 shipped in the US OBO. Im located in Seattle, so if you are nearby, I'm also happy to hand deliver it.
  12. Spey Classifieds
    I recently bought a new DH II because my DH had a chip. I ended up sending in my chipped DH to Echo and they sent me back a brand new DH II (gotta love Echo). So now I have two DH IIs and Im selling the one that hasn't been used. Still has the tag on it! Echo DH II 7130-4 // cork still in...
  13. Spey Classifieds
    selling my echo dec hogan 6.5 for 225$ the rod has only been used about three times and is in excellent condition! fell free to text me if ya have any questions! 425-223-2537
  14. Spey Classifieds
    Hi all, I'm new to spey pages and was referred here by my friend Josh. I'm currently looking for a 6wt switch rod. I was looking at the echo fiberglass 11' 6wt rod and am really looking for that in particular or any other fiberglass ones. The problem with finding the rod is I'm currently a...
  15. Rods
    I recently purchased an Echo TR5120 I choose a 360 Airflow Scandi Compact per Rajeff's line chart I had my first opportunity the other day to test it out. I added a 12’ versa leader and 5-6 foot of 10 lb level tippet and #4 Wolly bugger I discovered that on most all my casts I was dumping the...
  16. Rods
    new here. First post. Thanks for all your efforts to educate us beginners. I fish mostly in the great lakes region for steelheads. May be a couple of annual trips to Miramichi system. I usually do it all with a 10’ 8wt rod. I am trying to get into two handed casting/fishing for steelheads and...
1-16 of 19 Results