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  1. New DOT tubes now available in silver and black

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    Our new DOT tubes are now also available in silver and black. DOT tubes - Skeena River Fly Supply
  2. New DOT tubes from Skeena River Fly Supply

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    We are happy to announce our new Drilled Out Tubes (DOT). Designed for very small flies to be fished with a normal sized hook. Cheers. DOT tubes - Skeena River Fly Supply
  3. DOT tube step-by-step

    Hooks, Feathers and Floss
    Hi all, here is a nice step-by-step on the use of our new DOT tubes, by the originator of the tube; Colin Nicholls. Enjoy. DOT tube step-by-step - by Colin Nicholls - Skeena River Fly Supply