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    *Changed my mind on this line. Going to hang onto it and give it a second chance. OPST Commando 425grain 16.5’ head. The head has only been test cast, not fished. Just doesn’t suit my rod, so moving it on. Line is in great shape, just a bit of the print ink has bled and smudged in a few spots...
    $40 USD
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    Lines found, thanks. Looking for the following OPST Commando heads: 200 grain 225 grain 275 grain
  3. Tackle
    Hi guys, On my TFO Deer Creek Switch #6 I am using an OPST Commando Head 350gr (OPST recommend a 300gr but it feels too light, 350gr load the rod better) and I'm really satisfied with it. I was thinking about buying an OPST Commando Groove, but I am not sure about the grain weight since on...
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    If you've been experimenting with short skagit heads -- OPST Commando, Airflo Skagit Scout, Rio Trout Max -- you've doubtless seen grids that map new head styles to rods. Most tend to focus on a single vendor. I found a more comprehensive grid that spanned vendors at Red's Fly Shop website, and...
  5. Tackle
    I love my new 200gr commando head for my 9' 5wt. I have all kinds of random tips from old multi-tip single-hand sent-ups, which I'll cut back for use with this head. My question is: When trimming an old 15' head from, say, an 8wt set, am I better off trimming from the front or the back of the...
1-5 of 6 Results