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  1. Hooks, Feathers and Floss
    Hey all! It has been some time since I've posted, and I have some free time, so I figured I'd post a project I spent most of Spring tying. Various Doctor patterns that were tied in hand on 3/0 Partridge Code N hooks (and repeats on 1.5 heavy Alec Jacksons) and were donated to Fly Fishing...
  2. Spey Classifieds
    Looking for a 7 or 7-8 wt switch rod below 250cad. Something like a beulah classic, amundson and the like. PM me what kind of rod you are willing to sell. If possible in Canada or pick up in BC. Thanks
  3. The McIntyre

    Hook: Blinde Eye. In this case a Sprite 5/0. Tag: Fine oval silver tinsel and yellow silk. Tail: Golden pheasant crest and Indian Crow substitute (red Tanager) Body: 5 equal parts. From behind orange silk and red, orange, red and light blue seal fur. Rib: Flat and fine oval silver tinsel. Ha
1-3 of 3 Results