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  1. Tackle
    Hello, I have been in the market for a classic reel for my 7wt SH rod for Atlantic Salmon and found a great deal on a combo St. John and St. George but both are RHW. Is it possible to flip these to LHW?
  2. Tackle
    Hey there, I am looking to purchase another reel to use on my SH 9’6 7wt Hardy Jet Sintrix. I am currently using a Hardy Ultralite which has been great but I am looking for a click and pawl/classic reel. I would prefer to stay with Hardy but I am open to suggestions. I just need some...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi All, My name is Eric and I've been following this site since 2013. I've really enjoyed reading the posts and have learned a lot. Now I'd like to start contributing to the conversation. I live in Maine and I'm an avid trout, steelhead, and Atlantic salmon fisherman here in the Northeast and...
  4. Destinations
    Hi Speypages members, I've been a member on here for a few years now, but don't post much, mostly amuse myself reading fishing stories and looking for info. A brief background on me as I've not posted for a while.....I am 33 y/o, going on my 10th season guiding fly fishermen in SW Montana...
  5. Destinations
    I was dreaming about this destination almost a year, since I read about it in the blog of fellow German fly fisherman. I meticulously gathered all information about this river and the area: weather reports, fishing reports from previous years week by week, river flow measurements, maps and...
  6. Hooks, Feathers and Floss
    Hey all! It has been some time since I've posted, and I have some free time, so I figured I'd post a project I spent most of Spring tying. Various Doctor patterns that were tied in hand on 3/0 Partridge Code N hooks (and repeats on 1.5 heavy Alec Jacksons) and were donated to Fly Fishing...
  7. Destinations
    I was on Skjern in the end of May, in attempts to catch Danish atlantic salmon. Salmon grow big there, and 80-90 cm (31-35") is a common size for springers. In August there is run of smaller salmon (grilse), but during the spring time there were no accounts of fish less than 70 cm. The record...
  8. Fishing Video
    Some fall Atlantic Salmon fishing videos shot in Nova Scotia over the last couple of years... Rivers include the Margaree and the River Phillip. https://youtu.be/5FNYMH2n7Ys https://youtu.be/DVhRi2YB0_M https://youtu.be/GIkF-Ti_-P4
1-8 of 8 Results