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  1. WTB: Echo Ion 8/10 for a friend

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    Hello! Im putting together a spey setup for a buddy who is getting into swinging flies here in the PNW. Im looking for an Echo Ion 8/10 reel to hold his line. Let me know if you have a spare one lying around or if you have one you are looking to get rid of. Happy to pay a fair price or trade...
  2. Charcoal Steelhead

    Hello Speypagers, Here is a charcoal drawing of a Steelhead. Thanks for looking. Nate
  3. Recent watercolor painting

    Hello Speypagers, This isn't really a spey painting, but I figured some of you folks chase Tarpon. Or maybe it is on the list... for the future. Or perhaps you may enjoy an image of what many consider to be an amazing game fish. This is " A Tarpon and an Wounded Silverside " . 12 x 16"...