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  1. Anyone from Anchorage/Kenai area?

    Me and a buddy are planning a 7 day trip around the first week of July to Anchorage/Kenai. Anyone know that area and have any tips or good locations? Any help is much appreciated, it will be my first time to Alaska.
  2. Got some rods and lines to try oht

    New Member Introductions
    Been catching pa steelhead with a 10’ 7 and 9’6 8 weights and like them. Recently I got on a buying spree thinking I needed some two handlers. I’ve had a 14 foot Cabelas tlr 9 weight I impulse bought when it was on sale awhile back and never really got a line to cast it. Got on The inter webs...
  3. Podcast Interview with The Line Speed Jedi

    Hey all, Not sure if this was posted anywhere in here yet but wanted to share a great podcast interview I had with Tim Rawlins, aka The Line Speed Jedi. Here's the link to the episode...
  4. Advice - First 2 Hander for Coho/Stealhead

    Hello all, new here to the Forums and did a few searches on subject topic but didn't really find the advice I was looking for. I am a long time SH guy, but was recently introduced to 2 handed rods by a guide on a trip to the Salmon River in NY. I mostly fish smaller local streams in SW PA, but...
  5. Paul's first nice fish on a two-handed spey outfit

    Paul's first nice fish on a two-handed spey outfit

    This is the first nice fish I have landed with a two-handed spey rod. It's a 29" Rainbow caught and released near King Salmon, Alaska during Oct '07. Thanks to Rick Whorwood for teaching me how to cast my Skagit outfit. What a thrill to make an extra long cast with a heavily weighted fly, into