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    Anybody has any experience with this rod, and maybe some grain or line recs for it, my dad have it to me some days ago, and Info on internet is not very specific Thank you
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    Hello, y’all. I’m looking at buying a Sage Sonic in the 11’6” 7wt. I’ve heard some info that this will have the same power as a 9wt single hand and rod. So this makes me wonder if this would mean that a 7wt 2H could be used to target fish that would normally be fished on a 9wt SH. I would be...
  3. Rods
    My Sage TCX-7119 needs replacing. Looks hard (impossible?) to find another. So, I'm using Rage Compact 450, Scandi Compact 450 and Skagit Switch 480 lines on it. But, mostly using the floating lines on it. What would be the best similar action/feel rod I could get to replace my tired TCX-7119...
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    Hardy Swift Mk ll I bought this Rod off of a friend while my 8wt was out of commission. It is a beautiful rod with an ultra fast action that retailed for $800+ originally. It is a very rewarding rod to cast for the advanced spey caster, (similar to a sage one). Unfortunately I don't get to fish...
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    Hey there everyone, I am looking to get into the use of switch rods for some of the mainland rivers here in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am looking to go cheap for my first switch rod, however, many of the online options (including some rods in the 500-700 dollar range) do not list the grain window...
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    Beulah Platinum 13’2” 7wt Spey rod Outstanding condition (used 7 times). Selling only because the rod is too long for the tight coastal waters I fish. Includes sock and tube. $380 shipped CONUS.
1-6 of 8 Results