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    Hardy Swift Mk ll I bought this Rod off of a friend while my 8wt was out of commission. It is a beautiful rod with an ultra fast action that retailed for $800+ originally. It is a very rewarding rod to cast for the advanced spey caster, (similar to a sage one). Unfortunately I don't get to fish...
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    Hey there everyone, I am looking to get into the use of switch rods for some of the mainland rivers here in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am looking to go cheap for my first switch rod, however, many of the online options (including some rods in the 500-700 dollar range) do not list the grain window...
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    Beulah Platinum 13’2” 7wt Spey rod Outstanding condition (used 7 times). Selling only because the rod is too long for the tight coastal waters I fish. Includes sock and tube. $380 shipped CONUS.