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Fishing with the Doublehanded Rod

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  1. It's been a difficult year;
  2. Fall time is Dry Fly time ... right ??
  3. October steelhead
  4. AK Coho on fly, numbers down
  5. Just a taster
  6. Fall Promises
  7. Patient Pesistence with Dry Fly Steelhead
  8. Group house rental on lower Deschutes
  9. How to swing flies for trout?
  10. My PB striper from the surf
  11. A few photos from Gaspésie salmon country.
  12. Emma's 1st Steelhead(s): Both on dryflies.
  13. Summer fishing conditions
  14. Rare trout caught up north? video confirmation
  15. Up or Down???
  16. Pre-Season Anticipation
  17. Edicate
  18. Swinging Fry patterns for Bulls
  19. Late winter fishing on the Salmon River, N.Y.
  20. Stiff versus wavy fly materials
  21. Tierra del Fuego
  22. Skating for Atlantic Salmon?
  23. Generosity on the water
  24. Pink and purple
  25. Dragon's Tooth on the Salmon River , N.Y.
  26. First Salmon
  27. Back in the Game- New Set up
  28. Which Mow Tip Would You Use?
  29. sinking line advice sought: whats the latest trend
  30. North Pole NB
  31. Dry Fly Steelhead-Where Are You In The Journey??
  32. Stripers on the fly
  33. American Shad in Nor Cal
  34. First on the fly
  35. "Team fishing" strategy
  36. Swinging the San Juan
  37. Other Species
  38. Presentation advice for a trough at the mouth of a creek
  39. Scandi leaders for trout spey
  40. Montana Swing
  41. Trout Spey on the upper D
  42. TFD Trip
  43. Sinktip vs full sinking vs heavy weighted fly on floating line
  44. Felt like Spring today on the Salmon River, N.Y.
  45. What's your confidence fly?
  46. Fresh Chrome on the Salmon River, N.Y.
  47. Spring Fishing Great Lakes Tribs
  48. First steelhead
  49. Mid Winter Success on Salmon River, N.Y.
  50. Looking for recommendation - instructional video on atlantic salmon
  51. Muddler Minnow...
  52. Opst Command heads for single hand rods
  53. Trout switch/micro Spey rod
  54. Brook trout
  55. Anyone fish the South Umpqua?
  56. Getting Over the Winter Blues
  57. Fishing With Bob
  58. Iceland 2017
  59. "Lady Gaga" on the Salmon River, N.Y.
  60. Pyramid Lake 2017
  61. "Big Week" on the Salmon River , N.Y.
  62. Three weeks on the Miramichi, Fall 2017
  63. Steelhead trips I was on recently
  64. Blind-eye speys on Salmon River, N.Y.
  65. Best DIY destinations for winter/spring
  66. Salmon River , N.Y.
  67. Alaska 2017 Coho Trip....
  68. The Mini Muddler: Small Dry Fly Offerings for Steelhead
  69. The End of the Swing: Getting Caught on the Bottom
  70. BC trip report
  71. Wild salmon vs hatchery fly take.....
  72. North Umpqua River partial closure
  73. A couple of Atlantic salmon trips (Gaspe+Labrador) Pt 1
  74. Swinging at night
  75. Taboo question: what would be better than a classic steelhead fly?
  76. Fishing the Ganges River near Rishikesh
  77. Terrace, BC camping
  78. Double Halibut hookup on the salt!
  79. Happy Mother's Day
  80. A Story About Skating For Winter Steel
  81. Southern Ontario's 'Geen
  82. in the salt?
  83. fishing St. Mary's rapids at Sault Ste. Marie
  84. Realistic steelhead expectations?
  85. Very close to as good as it gets
  86. Casting a video recorder with a skagit head
  87. This May Be Useful To Some;
  88. High water adjustments
  89. Small flies for salmon/steelhead
  90. What's Your Winter Steelheading Game Plan/Goals?
  91. Attention New Members - Important Information
  92. Stanley's Guide anti-freeze?
  93. 2 C&R: Fishing the Long Beach bay with my new Airflo FIST line
  94. Fishing northeast oregon
  95. Principles for bringing steelhead to hand?
  96. The Big River - Cold Weather Surface Steelhead
  97. When everything lines up...
  98. First time fishing North Umpqua
  99. A big thumbs up for Nextcast...
  100. Socks
  101. Casting in sub zero conditions
  102. Wet rainy weather casting how to keep a grip on the cork ?
  103. Fall Surface Steelhead Chronicles
  104. Grand, Ontario
  105. Last Chance Steel
  106. Small Review on the Sharpes Wading Staff
  107. Why does a steelhead take a waking fly?
  108. Soo rapids, Ontaio
  109. difficulties with t11 on a 6wt switch?
  110. How to tell that you're getting really good!
  111. Must Read: Speypages Code of Conduct
  112. Wading the Creeks
  113. Summer Steelhead on the Swing?
  114. Rio Shorthead Spey on TCX7126?
  115. Happy News! I'm 'cleared' to go fishing again.
  116. What a River means to me
  117. Southern Ontario--lower maitland
  118. Winter Skating
  119. Surface Steelhead on the Eastside
  120. Fishing that makes you almost cry
  121. An excuse for missing fish
  122. Hot Links
  123. Niagara River & Catt 11/29-12/2
  124. Small stream steelbow advice
  125. Reflections on the 2015 Summer/Fall Surface Steelhead season
  126. Problems on the Salmon River in New York?
  127. Poll - Fly lines/heads we use the most
  128. Shoutout to Pulaski NY guys - hows the season going?
  129. Hitting the Grand River Nov 9th
  130. Cattaraugus 10/26-10/27
  131. Two-handed overhead on Piers (Great Lakes);
  132. Bob Clay
  133. 2 Hander for October Stripers
  134. 5wt switch
  135. Greys GS 13' 8wt Rod
  136. nehalem river/salmonberry questions
  137. Birdstrikes
  138. Salmon river drift boat fishing
  139. deschutes river regulation changes
  140. fish art
  141. deschutes fishing frenzy
  142. pine tree to macks float
  143. reels reels reels
  144. Washington River Closures
  145. Overhead casting with a 2hander?
  146. steelhead and trout flies for sale!
  147. Newbie needs help
  148. ideal MW spent rod
  149. Two Handed Stripers
  150. If you fish for Atlantic Salmon Canada: Not a good read
  151. Confused
  152. Increasing hook ups
  153. May 23rd on the Salmon River
  154. warm springs to trout creek
  155. Reds, spot tail, drum,... Line help please
  156. Any other "Pack Rats" out there??
  157. For J.D.
  158. Old Rio ID Marks
  159. Any other "Cheap Skates" out there??
  160. coldwater line/ striper fishing
  161. Lines for CPX 12'6 6wt rod
  162. My Unconventional Way of Sinking Things.
  163. Do you swing with the line tight to the reel?
  164. James Reid Living Aloha Part II
  165. Waked winter fish
  166. Walking the long road to steelhead
  167. High Water Steelheading (via JM Reid cane)
  168. If You Are New To This Style Of Fishing Maybe This Will Help You Out.
  169. This old boat
  170. Swinging soft hackle on a scandi?
  171. Stamp river steelhead?
  172. Redington Dually vs Echo DH
  173. Single hand rod spey fishing
  174. Stamp River
  175. 13-14 foot inflatables for interior and northern bc rivers
  176. The color of winter steelhead fishing
  177. Greetings! (Introduction)
  178. Chrome on the Swing
  179. December 23rd - Salmon River, N.Y.
  180. newbie
  181. Need help with reel choice!
  182. Dying fish on the salmon
  183. salmon river ny 12/1-12/5
  184. Atlantic Salmon-Dry Flies-Two Handed Rods
  185. Skeena and tribs
  186. Fly Fishing North Umpqua River
  187. Nov. 23rd - Salmon River, N.Y. "Green Lantern"
  188. Winter Dry Line Poll
  189. SA System 8 Fly Reel
  190. Nov.17th Salmon River- "Lady Gaga" gets one
  191. Salmon River, N.Y. Nov. 16th
  192. Salmon river Nov 13th
  193. Grain weight variance and rod recommendation.
  194. Surface Steel: A Blessing And A Curse
  195. Ard on the Rogue
  196. Nov. 10th on the Salmon River
  197. Mercy fish
  198. Nov. 5th - Salmon River, N.Y.
  199. Nothing beats a day on the river
  200. Nov. 4th Salmon River N.Y.
  201. Nov. 3rd Salmon River, N.Y. - downsizing
  202. Returning to Steelhead Paradise photo highlights
  203. Oct. 22nd Salmon River, N.Y. - "Fine and Far Off"
  204. Tuesday Oct. 21st - Salmon River, N.Y.
  205. tropical flyline
  206. the leaf hatch
  207. Scott G-Series 958 (PowRply)
  208. friday Oct. 17th - Salmon River, N.Y.
  209. Oct. 16th - Salmon River, N.Y.
  210. flyline/short or long head for fishing beach
  211. New to spay. Hoh River Salmon fishing
  212. Russian North ..
  213. Bass on the Two Handed Rod
  214. Salmon River , N.Y. - testing out a spey fly
  215. Wild on the Willamette
  216. How do you catch Coho in small Columbia River tribs?
  217. Leader Formula
  218. Skating dry fly leader
  219. Cool little fish on a Muddler
  220. Deschutes trip
  221. Clean & d-smell waders
  222. Rod line weight vs. size (and or weight) of the fly on the business end.
  223. A nice combo
  224. Rio braided spey loops
  225. My Kola Peninsula trip
  226. Polyleader question
  227. Roll casting
  228. NZ Tongariro river trip
  229. Airflo 40 plus fly line
  230. Airflo 40+
  231. Swinging for stripers in the brine
  232. The Friday Night 'quandary.'
  233. New Airflo fly line
  234. Surface fishing over pressured steelhead
  235. william joseph Flux pack
  236. a day on the river finn
  237. One line only
  238. Airflo 40+ Specs
  239. Sandi line
  240. Chasing unicorns
  241. Reel for Meiser switch rod
  242. Hardy Marquis Salmon 1
  243. Patterns for Pinks?
  244. North Umpqua Advice
  245. Second Pass Steelhead on Top
  246. Backing Requirements
  247. Distance casting
  248. Rio outbound
  249. Dry fly fishing with a switch rod
  250. Meiser Switch Rod