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  1. Overhead cast - narrow loops on the backcast
  2. it's all in how you hold your mouth
  3. Spey handle
  4. Your take on Rio Gamechanger--esp sinking lines?
  5. Any tips on how to get proper turnover and loop-tip-leader shape?
  6. presenting the fly: the shape of the J: how high up, how fast. water temp?
  7. Zach's advise
  8. Left Shoulder Tips?
  9. weightof line
  10. Dead Difting QUestion
  11. Beulah Aero head
  12. tailing loop cackhanded snap C
  13. Waking fly set up
  14. Snap T snafus: running line wrapping around handle/ reel
  15. Tim Arsenault casting lessons - Vancouver
  16. Cast should "feel heavy"
  17. Al Buhr's modified D- / V-loop
  18. Casting in wind help
  19. Skagit Casting Defined
  20. Skating Flies and steelhead questions.
  21. The Poke
  22. Rigging flies dec hogan style
  23. Setting on the strip
  24. Selecting flies after a bump
  25. Do people really use their switch rod to indicator fish?
  26. Spey earring fashions
  27. How dou land a steelhead when by yourself??
  28. playing/ fighting steelhead
  29. Salmon vs Steelhead
  30. Nice Cast
  31. Reasonable distance or not
  32. Tip section coming off during casting
  33. The Hang-down.
  34. Awkward Casting situation
  35. I Gotta Ask--What style of Flies and why?
  36. Fast water and double spey
  37. Difference Between "Surf" Rods and "Switch" Rods
  38. Another Two Handed Overhead Casting Question
  39. Terrible Terrible Wind
  40. Rod length to line raitio
  41. Help needed on Skagit and Scandi fishing
  42. Two-handed Overhead Casting
  43. Scandi 3d
  44. Mono running line question
  45. Fast sinking tips and heavier flies
  46. Switch VS Spey
  47. Slow Presentation Vs. Broadside
  48. Short belly single spey
  49. Tailing Loops W/ MidBelly
  50. If it hurts, stop! A word on injuries
  51. Microskagit for small streams
  52. Broadside view
  53. identifying a cast?
  54. More thoughts on casting from the beginner
  55. Single Spey anchor
  56. Amount of Anchor
  57. Overhead With A Switch Rod
  58. Decreasing grain weight and bottom hand?
  59. Flies for Skagit vs Scandi
  60. Need help catching Atlantics!!!!!!
  61. Swinging for Bull Trout-Pike -Walleye-Mountain Whitefish Inland Rivers
  62. Long Rod & Hooking Fish
  63. Casting issues with Rage compact
  64. Question on mending
  65. Casting with mono vs coated running line
  66. Streamers appropriate for year-round fishing?
  67. Most elegant way of dealing with casting only part of the head?
  68. Is Creep always a casting fault?
  69. Casting Instructors in Baltimore area?
  70. How do you
  71. Left or Right Hand Wind
  72. Which head and when???
  73. Spey Casting Mid-belly Line
  74. Getting into Scandi
  75. Learning the Snake Roll
  76. Aerial snap-C / circle C ?
  77. Swinging Part 2
  78. Swinging Question (s)
  79. Casting question #2
  80. Casting question
  81. Casting practice help
  82. BASIC Spey and ...
  83. More from Ed
  84. SH Dryline Setup
  85. Great Lakes Tribs Technique
  86. What Cast Into the Wind?
  87. Resuscitating Fish
  88. Casting failure??
  89. Casting tips
  90. Rage set up for waking flies
  91. finding piano wire for blind splice?
  92. Line Denisity , and Depth for Coho fishing
  93. Need help with single Spey & snake roll
  94. Tailing Loop / Single Spey
  95. Fly damaged rod on the power stroke. Why?
  96. High bank, sinking line, what cast?
  97. Switching From Scandi To A Longer Head
  98. advice on Nextcast WA70 for Sage 8136
  99. Casting.......the good, the bad, & the ugly!
  100. Sh overhand critique wanted
  101. Pete Humphries on casting mechanics in Vokey Podcast
  102. Line management
  103. Fly Fishing with Egg Patterns for Coho
  104. Snap T - SH Left Hand vs SH Right Hand
  105. Upstream dry fly for steelhead?
  106. Help! Video of my single spey
  107. Commando Head for surface streamers?
  108. Swing Time?? Hang time??
  109. Fix my cast
  110. Effective & Proficient
  111. riffle hitching for broadside presentation
  112. Swinging angles
  113. I cast further when i a snake roll...
  114. poly/versi
  115. spey casting on a bank (Still water fishing) without backspace
  116. Triple Density Head Question
  117. A little help (ok, maybe a lot) from our best casters
  118. Staying inside the box
  119. Reverse single spey / underhand style
  120. Attention New Members - Important Information
  121. [video] Please critique my double spey
  122. Winter Fishing with a dry fly
  123. Short sinktips
  124. SH rod,matched floating line, single spey, Double Haul
  125. Drag settings
  126. Polyleader with floating Mow tip
  127. One man's explanation of the Circle up.
  128. Hooking steelhead with downstream bow in line?
  129. A Reply About CM/CL For LineSpeedJedi
  130. Big flies incompatible with spey cast?
  131. When Coho don't like the Swing
  132. Can you swing an Egg or Crystal Meth fly?
  133. Double Spey Anchor Tips from Red's Fly Shop?
  134. Casting suggestions, please.
  135. Winter fishing with mid-belly line
  136. What cast?
  137. Tryin' something different..........
  138. Skagit: Pause or no pause?
  139. Casting Aero head
  140. Skagit Double Spey 180 degree principal?
  141. Back Pain? -- Technique Advice
  142. Skagit Cast Mystery???
  143. Line Stick: It's a Real Drag
  144. Trouble Casting 15ft Intermediate Tip
  145. Stripping basket and running line management
  146. Going full out Scandi
  147. Tailing Loops
  148. Airflo Delta Spey II
  149. SKAGIT REVOLUTION DVD (Tom Larimer, 2016) review
  150. What kind of grass practice is useful?
  151. Proving that we've been doing this a long time.....
  152. Trouble shooting my cast. HELP!
  153. Casting technique with ultra-short skagit head
  154. Initial observations on 2-handed technique...
  155. Elbow issues
  156. One fly for the NU x2 ??
  157. Line twist while fishing skaters
  158. Loop or No Loop on the Swing?
  159. Must Read: Speypages Code of Conduct
  160. Double spey on water line placement with Scandi lines
  161. Trouble with the snake roll......
  162. Do you try to influence when a loop forms?
  163. Whats harder to cast, Scandi or Skagit lines!
  164. Matching the plane of the sweep to the plane of the forward cast.
  165. The Single Spey
  166. Multiple hooks
  167. Pause in the Key position (specifically scandi double spey)
  168. Casting From The Key Position
  169. What would you have done? Weird Steelhead take
  170. Few questions from a new caster....
  171. Click & Pawl Protacol?
  172. Skagit double spey, pause?
  173. Comeback fish
  174. problem casting heavy fly / sink tip
  175. Overhead Cast Problems ...
  176. Stripping Streamers: Bass tactics for Steelies
  177. Spey cast from a boat: a definitive guide, Rio guide Pete Humphries....
  178. Line set up question
  179. Wisconsin Competition Spey Casting
  180. Shooting Line
  181. Skagit Anchor: How Much Line in the Water?
  182. Tippet length
  183. Making Mow type tips
  184. Fly Placement at End of First Part of the Double Spey
  185. Fast currents-Deep cuts
  186. Rod action and casting styles
  187. Handling running line tips? Left or right hand before shooting
  188. Fly lands upstream of head
  189. sage sh w/ opst head?
  190. Sweep : lift the rod tip or let it near the water?
  191. Look Mama, No Belly!
  192. Floating w wt or int line?
  193. Hot Links
  194. practicing with heavy flies
  195. Chest Fly Boxes
  196. Floating/sinking flies ?
  197. Anchor Problems
  198. Help with Line Welding
  199. OPST Commando: short game
  200. Ticks and taps... what now?!
  201. Switch Rod Casting
  202. Loop or No Loop
  203. What do you call Skagit,Skandi,Overhead combined?
  204. Practicing in Still Water
  205. Lazar Line Problem
  206. Wind speed
  207. Triple density sink tips
  208. Waking fly setup
  209. How much line do......
  210. Poll: Fish the swing vs the water
  211. Suggestions for a first Traditional head
  212. First 2H rod. Need a fishing buddy.
  213. Mid-Belly
  214. swinging deep slow water pnw
  215. Help with the mid swing
  216. anchor position snap t
  217. Upstream Wind: Why Snap-T?
  218. Resources for the THCI exam
  219. The switch cast...
  220. fly hit the rod?
  221. Anchor Point for Double Spey
  222. Who else only casts non-dominant hand up?
  223. I'm a total train wreck....
  224. Holding Your Line
  225. Skagit Casting too Intrusive for Trout ?
  226. How Many Hours or Practise does it take ....
  227. Swinging into a River Left Bucket
  228. Casting question
  229. The sinktip, leader and fly partnership
  230. Uplining Single Handers for Spey Casting Success
  231. Heavy Scandi with T Tips
  232. Intermediate Skagit on small rivers?
  233. skagit casting and rotation
  234. Natural Progression into the Two Hand World
  235. Are dt lines good with tfo rods/ in salt
  236. question on line weights and single spey
  237. steelhead on the surface questions
  238. Skagit casting terminology obfuscation
  239. Iceland on Budget
  240. Discussion on a couple of (usefull?) casts
  241. Skagit and Rio MOW light tip problems
  242. Pinching off Shooting Line?
  243. Line mending: This is a classic post on 'How To.'
  244. What part of the swing brings you the most hits?
  245. 15' of t14 vs. 15' leader and heavy fly
  246. Going From Scandi To A Mid Belly
  247. Single Spey - Moving the Bottom Hand Away
  248. Double taper line
  249. A casting D loop question?
  250. Skagit casting line drop