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circlespey 09-13-2011 02:00 PM

Z-axis 6126-4
I just found one of these second hand and I'm trying to line this thing, and am wondering what others use when fishing with tips (not floating line). Over the weekend I was fishing it with a Skagit flight 400 with a short heavy tip and weighted fly but it just ran out of gas at about 55-60 feet. Has anyone fished this rod with a Flight 425 or Flight 450? The 400 was plenty for floating line work.

fishhawk1400 09-13-2011 02:46 PM

I use an airflo skagit compact.

FKrow 09-13-2011 04:35 PM

I have that rod and it is a favorite.

Rio suggests Skagit 375gr to 425gr so you should be fine.

I like the Rio Skagit Flight 425gr with T-8 and T-11 tips up to 8ft-10ft.

The Scandi lines for my casting style are Rio Steelhead Scandi 350gr and Airflo Scandi Compact 360gr.

If you are only getting 50ft-60ft, think about refining your casting technique. Slow down and do not use the upper hand to punch the rod.


Grampa Spey 09-14-2011 11:58 AM

A great rod, be careful of the length and grainage of your tips
I use Rio's Skagit Flight 425 with this rod and Rio's Versi Spey 10' sinking leaders. Longer sinking tips/leaders can over whelm this rod. I haven't tried RIO's T8 MOW tips with this rod, you might buy a couple and see how they work.

Fly Size is critical with my poor casting. Size 4 is the max for me with this rod. It doesn't do well with the longer articulating and wormlike Steelhead flies.

If I don't have to go deep in fast water and there isn't a lot of wind, my favorite line comb with this rod is Rio's AFS ST6/7F Shooting head with this rod, and the 15' Rio floating Spey Leader or AirFlow's long poly steelhead leader when there is no wind. If I have to go a little deep, I put on a 7' Rio Versi 1.5 ips leader. I buy several of these leaders at a time as they work so well with the AFS head and the Skagit Flight.

This a fun rod, and I can cast it all day with the 6/7 AFS head and the above long leaders.

Going deeper than the 1.5 IPS tips/leaders for me is not where this rod works. If I have to go deep I go to its bigger sister, the Z7136. If it is really windy and I need to get deep with big flies, I go to the Bully Rod, the Death Star, Steve Godshall's SG'S line, and the T11 Mow tips.

circlespey 09-14-2011 03:59 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I must admit I have the "if I am going to fish any tip, go deep and heavy" disease. I pretty much only throw T14 in different lengths, with weighted fly, regardless of the rod unless I throw a floating line. The other day I was using a MOW heavy tip with 5 ft floating, 5 ft T14 and a heavy cone head fly. You had to be very specific with the rod to get it to turn over, and even then shooting more than one big loop of line (for me, 25 feet or so) was a stretch. I just talked to Scott O'Donnell on this one, he actually likes the 450 grain for tips for this rod and says it can take it just fine if you cast it in control.

FKrow 09-14-2011 10:53 PM

The sink rate of T-8, T-11 and T-14 are fairly close.

The main reason for using T-14 over lighter heads is the size and weight of the fly you will be lifting out of the water and casting.

You should also try just 5ft of T-14 and compare it with the MOW tip combination. In the lighter line weights the MOW tips seem to bog down the casting distances and loops.

This past weekend we experimented with a TFO DC 12'6" 5/6 rod with a Rio Skagit Flight 350gr and 8ft of T-8,,,,, it easily cast 120ft with very tight loops.


TimW 09-14-2011 10:58 PM

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I used the RIO AFS 400 grain.

WkoutPtr 09-15-2011 04:23 PM

Great Rod with a Rio Steelhead Scandi
I just purchased this rod and have fished 3 or 4 times. Really a great rod paired with a Rio Steelhead Scandi 385 gr line- fished dry or with as heavy of a poly leader as you want to throw.

Don't know much about fishing the 6126 with a skagit line and sink tips.

There might be better 6 weights - but I am loving this rod and line combination.

drotsma 09-15-2011 06:47 PM

The rod rocks with a 450grain Skagit Switch from Airflo. Also have used a new Rage Floating line from Airflow and it is the only floating line that casts as well as a Skagit. It pushes into the wind on the Deschutes and put my other scandi lines to shame. Fished with Tom Larimer last winter and he is the developer of both lines. Give them a try. Don

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