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ISC Archives 01-30-2002 10:01 AM

Originator: JohnDate: 1/30/2002 6:01 AM
To Fred,
Any reports on Oregon steelhead runs?  Must be good since you haven't been posting recently.
In California, the American and Trinity are having record runs.  Haven't heard much else about  the other rivers.  The rains this past weekend may have opened upt eh coastal rivers

ISC Archives 01-30-2002 05:13 PM

Originator: Fred EvansDate: 1/30/2002 1:13 PM
Lots of fish holding below Raine Falls (bottom end of the 'upper River') through Grants Pass. The two past weekends had (for us anyway) large storms which kicked the river flow way up and put a lot of colour in the water. For fly casters it was drive around and look at all the beautiful snow covered hills. Bait guys/plug pullers were still out (not many by looking at the launch ramps) and apparently did 'ok.'  Raine Falls has been the 'plug' for the fish runs for the past couple of weeks due to flow putting it at a Class IV or V rapid. Only way a fish was going to get by that was with "JATO" rocket attached to its backside.
River is dropping like a rock now (and already running clear) so fish should start to move. Reports from the lower river suggest we'll see somewhere around 6 to 8 thousand fish up here over the next three months. Repeating myself here, but being this far up stream we don't really see much in the way of a winter fishery until late Jan- early Feb so fish are a bit late, but on their way.
Weather has been cold and clear since Sunday. 5am now and 16 degrees outside ... damn cats wanted out. Do not recommend wandering around in your 'jammies' when it's this cold. And do not even consider putting your hand on the middle of your wifes back ... or any other place for that matter :>)

ISC Archives 01-31-2002 02:52 AM

Originator: GB SkunkDate: 1/30/2002 10:52 PM
Hello Fred, what are the avarage size of the Rogue river winter fish?  Up here on the Sandy it's about 7-9 lbs.  I fished the Rogue in the summer time a few years ago and most people felt that a 6 lb. summer run was a trophy.  Are the winter fish smaller too?

ISC Archives 01-31-2002 05:59 AM

Originator: Fred EvansDate: 1/31/2002 1:59 AM
Rogue fish seem to 'mirror' the Sandy fish size wise. Suspect the average summer run is a smaller fish (2.5 to 4 pounds). Winter wise if the fish is over 12# you can get your picture in one of the local papers. Lots of them, just not large in size.

ISC Archives 01-31-2002 06:57 PM

Originator: Fred EvansDate: 1/31/2002 2:57 PM
John, quickie update from the above info from this mornings paper. Fish position info still holding as above but the Game Dept has finally got the fishcounter video equipment back up and running (and someone hired to count). The past two weeks video's only show 120 fish moving over Gold Ray Dam so the verrrrry few number suggested above appears to be on the mark.
However, the Game Dept did confirm that large numbers of fish are holding from Grants Pass down to Ranie Falls. With the water level back down large numbers are passing through the Falls area at this time. Nate and I will hit the Griffen Park (mouth of the Applegate) down this weekend. Wife's away so Fred will Play. :>)

ISC Archives 01-31-2002 11:04 PM

Originator: DavidDate: 1/31/2002 7:04 PM

I am an Ashlander (Oregon for non-Oregonians) interested in getting into Spey casting and wanted your recommendation for my first rod for the Rogue and Umpqua. The reason I am asking is that I have an opportunity to purchase a Sage 2000 10150-4 at a good price. I was thinking more of a 14' 9 wt outfit but I am also a sucker for good deals. <g> What do you think of this rod for SW Oregon fishing and as a first rod? I realize it's bad form to switch topics in the middle of a thread but I hope everyone will forgive me. TIA

ISC Archives 02-01-2002 07:35 AM

Originator: Fred EvansDate: 2/1/2002 3:35 AM
Dave, I won't hold it against you that you live in Ashland. My wife has "97520" tattooed on her forehead. Loves that 'town,' belongs to the Serop. group and all.
I have the rod your talking about and it's outstanding for both dry and tips. Over kill for summer run fishing, but that's why I have "several" (Joan can tell you exactly how many as she sends off the 'boy toy' payments on the zero balance credit card). If you want to test drive this, or other rod,  give me a call at 857-0700. No problem on my part with setting you up with several rods for you to 'test.' Testing is good before you drop the dime.
Also welcome to the very small group of us who can spell "spey, " let alone know how to use the darn things down here in So. Oregon. My rods range from 11'3" to 18' so you have a few to try if you wish.
Also, mark your calendar for March 30-31st. (Last/long cast) Steve and (Spey Bubba) Way Lin will be giving a two day spey rod class down here on the Rogue. "Class" will be at Denmon Bar/Modoc Pond access; game dept thinks this is a very cool thing to do and has given me several ideas on who promotes fly fishing here in the southern half of Oregon for donations. Other than a very few bucks to cover hard costs, all 'tuition' fees will be given to charity (your check will be made out to the charity so no silliness with IRS). For more info you can call me at the above number or at [email protected]

ISC Archives 02-01-2002 08:47 AM

Originator: DavidDate: 2/1/2002 4:47 AM
Thanks for getting back to me, it's much appreciated. In addition, it was very kind of you to offer your rods to test  especially since you haven't seen me cast yet.<g> I think based on your recommendation and the fact that I am sure it's a fine rod, I will just buy it. Thanks for not holding the fact that I am an Ashlander against me. Obviously just being interested in fishing, let alone spey casting, kind of separates me from the regular denizens of this fair city.
The spey clinic is already marked on my calendar and I will plan on attending. By then I certainly will have gotten my self into sufficient trouble to realize the necessity of attending a class. Let me know what I need to do in regards to sending a deposit, etc.
Any recommendations for a reel to match up with the aforementioned Sage rod(10150-4)? I am considering the Ross Canyon Big Game, Tibor Gulf Stream, Lamson Lightspeed and a model of the Old Florida Fly Reel Company. If this fails I guess I can just stand on the bank of the Rogue and toss in money. <VBG>

ISC Archives 02-01-2002 10:00 AM

Originator: Fred EvansDate: 2/1/2002 6:00 AM
Dave, as to reels think "BIG." God, it's amazing how much 'spool' a 120'-150' RIO line (or whomever's) will consume even with just a 100 yards of backing. Even with my Hardy Marq Salmon 2 I've got to cut 20 or 25 feet off the end of an 10-11 Aclrtr to get 125 yards of 30# dacron behind the line. But not that big a deal, in my opinion, from the standpoint of the fish. If Mr. Fish has got 100' of line plus 15-18 feet of leader plus 50 yards of backing off your reel (skipping having a boat at hand) your odds of landing that fish are far less than 10% (do the math: all that adds up to the fish being 250 some feet up/down stream from you). What the fish isn't doing to you, the water pressure against all that line will do the rest. Sigh.......... Been there, 'proved' that.
Give me a call (Fred and Joan Evans in Medford, on Cherry Lane), love to go out with you.

ISC Archives 02-01-2002 10:03 AM

Originator: Fred EvansDate: 2/1/2002 6:03 AM
Dave: good go on the rod, you won't be disapointed. You'll find the same rod rigged and ready in the back of my car now. In the winter "Never leave home without it."

ISC Archives 02-01-2002 01:36 PM

Originator: NateDate: 2/1/2002 9:36 AM
Fred I got my 13' 8wt blank today, its a good looking blank cant wait to put it togather and see how it throws. Its gonna be faster then the sage I think seems to have alot of Butt.lower handel will be made outta bocote.
David welcome to the spey, the bug will hook ya, fred taught me "the way of the Spey" I think we caught 4 or 5 fish that day, youll be surprised on how well thease rods fish, you otta take fred up on his offer He had me catchinf fish in a hour............Nate

ISC Archives 02-01-2002 11:59 PM

Originator: joecurrDate: 2/1/2002 7:59 PM
Had to chime in re: Rogue River. I took the ultimate skiing/fishing road trip over the holidays leaving the Bay area with my drift boat and two handers in tow. I'm a newbee to spey casting. Floated the Rogue from Shady Cove to Tou Velle and went 2 for 3! First bright fish on my spey rod! Drove to Maupin and floated to Macks Canyon; 1 for 1 on my two hander! All the practice is paying off as most of the time I can only cast at the Golden Gate casting ponds. On up to the Sauk and Skagit. No grabs but lots of casting practice on some of the most beautiful rivers I have ever seen. The hatchery run was just starting to show. Up to Whistler for 5 days of great skiing with pals but I can't wait to head south again and wet a line. Stopped to fish the Skycomish; no grabs but once again practicing my casting with tips in a new and most beautiful setting. On to the Sandy. Floated from Dodge to Oxbow.Very challangeing white water with a hard bottom boat. No fish but Mark spent some time critiquing my casting. On to the N. Umpqua. I have only read about the rich history of the river and although there were no fish at this time of year had to experience the place. (Only time I used the single hander) Back to the Rogue for a final float before heading back to SF. Once again it produced a wonderful day of rowing, casting my spey rod, great company with other local drift boaters and two fish. I love that river! Next time I am in the area I will call. You live in a magic place.

ISC Archives 02-02-2002 06:29 AM

Originator: Fred EvansDate: 2/2/2002 2:29 AM
HUSH!!!! There are things "they" don't need to know.
Next time up give me a call at (541) 857 0700 or [email protected]. Need a "bunk", no problem. :>)
Will be out all day Sat and Sunday as the river has dropped well back into fly rod range. The "NateMeister" and I will hunt the little buggers down (well, at least that's the Plan). Winter run is a bit behind schedule at this point so a bit of hunt, hunt and hunt but the numbers are there below Grants Pass. Just not that knowledgeable of the water; the upper river is a 'rock by rock' deal for me.

ISC Archives 02-02-2002 06:42 AM

Originator: DavidDate: 2/2/2002 2:42 AM
I bought the rod and a Tibor Gulfstream reel today. I wasn't sure the rod was still going to be available but it was and should be here next week. I was wondering what line you use and recommend for this rod? I would prefer one of the multi-tip kind and leave tying custom lines for later in my career.<g>
I would love to take you up on your offer of going out to the river. I will give you a call and hopefully you can get me to the point where I can actually show up halfway outfitted. Let me know if there is a preferred time to call. Thanks again for you kindness and I look forward to meeting you in person. Nate, thanks for the welcome.

ISC Archives 02-02-2002 06:07 PM

Originator: Fred EvansDate: 2/2/2002 2:07 PM
Dave, (based just on what I've dropped the dime on; I'm sure there are more good lines out there) but the 10-11-12 WC or the 10-11 Aclrtr (get the tips one so you have 'choices') are wonderful matches for this rod. Both load, cast, etc., extreamly well with this blank. Once you get your timing down (read that SLOW DOWN!!!) you can put the whole 120' of the WC above in the air.
Old story, but last spring I was up at McGregor park (Spring Salmon run) standing in knee deep water below the gravel bar and actually hit a guy, on the opposite side of the river, in the chest with my flys. I'd left line on the spool, just forgot that i had 15-17 foot of leader off the other end.
Call anytime!!! Home number I think you've got but my office # in Medford is 734 2714

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