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ISC Archives 09-11-2001 06:06 AM

Originator: rodwavrDate: 9/11/2001 1:06 AM
I understand from one of your recent posts that you purchased a St. Croix 13 footer and was wondering if you would mind telling us how you like the rod. Is it a moderate action, medium fast, or fast, what line did you find works best on it?

ISC Archives 09-11-2001 06:44 AM

Originator: J_DDate: 9/11/2001 1:44 AM
Before you respond, if you would click on "choose another message board" and choose "Rods-US"  then post your reply with a title such as St. Croix XXXX (model #),  it would then be catagorized so that in the future, anyone wanting info on the St Croix rod would be able to search and find it much easier than having to scroll down through every post on the board. Just a suggestion.

ISC Archives 09-12-2001 07:11 PM

Originator: BarryDate: 9/12/2001 2:11 PM
Hello All,
First off I'm humbled by the fact that you would like my opinion. I will take JD's suggestion and post my report under Rods-US and title it St. Croix IF 13078

ISC Archives 09-13-2001 11:01 AM

Originator: Fred EvansDate: 9/13/2001 6:01 AM
Hi Barry (note this time I spelled your first name right!) That's the beauty of this Board developed by Dana;  275 world wide strong, and the vast, vast majority are Spey Casters. It's "cool" to be able to ask any question (even if you think it may be silly or mundain) and get straight answers/opinions on the topic. You ask 'cause you don't know; that's education taken to it's basic level.
Our "sport" is anything but cheap; just ask the JoanMeister who just presented me the 'Quicken' print out of how much money I've spent this year. Apparently I'm anything but a cheap date. :>)
That said, I'm off to your Board to see your review. Keep 'um coming!

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