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Npavey 04-13-2019 03:31 PM

First attempt at a married wing
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A bit of a freestyle tie, just wanted to try tying a married wing. Stuck to 2 colours of goose and some mallard on top, wish I had some jc for cheeks, but haven't splurged on that...yet:chuckle:. hook is a size 2 McNeese! Thanks for looking and any pointers are happily welcomed.

GR8LAKES FLYER 04-13-2019 09:35 PM

I think that is an awesome first attempt !!
It's very difficult to get the GP tippets riding low on a curved shank, but you did well.
I would suggest a collar for contrast ... but that's just me.
Great colors, very fishy :)


Npavey 04-13-2019 09:49 PM

Thanks Mike! Yeah, I realized I kind of forgot the collar after I had put on the wing...next time. Thanks for the feedback, loving this forum!

mitchaka2fish 04-13-2019 10:46 PM

best advice I could give you is try and sit down with someone who has experience with these flies. live and first hand information is so valuable.
or join a club.
looks like you're in an area of expertise...


Draggerman 04-14-2019 06:29 AM

It is looking good

steelhead23 04-14-2019 07:46 AM

A bit like a scaled-down Twilight Spey. Very well done.

Jason 04-14-2019 09:29 AM

Lots of good stuff going on there for sure! Overall, I like it and hesitate to offer too much advice, since most of my “married” wings end up in nasty divorce. I’m far from being an expert around here. The proportions look a bit funny to my eyes, but that’s purely my own aesthetics, and probably in part due to the eclectic mix of styles. I think the suggestion for a collar would add considerably, as well as a few more strips of goose in the wing. Again, just personal tastes though; if you were going for a bit sparser look this fly works just fine as is too.

Shawn’s suggestion of finding an expert to tie with is an excellent one! Anyone know if Scott (BCbound) is still tying, or is he too busy with kids and family stuff these days? Even via messages here I got some big help from him in my own progression, and always enjoyed seeing the flies he posted.

Keep at it,

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