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rvrwader 06-08-2018 01:29 AM

SeaEagle 285 vs Outcast Stealth Pro
Trying to decide on a personal watercraft to be used primarily to access swing waters on Western Washington and OP rivers. Would especially like to hear if anyone has experience with both of these craft and their observations on manueverability, tracking, etc. for river use.
Tight lines.

SSPey 06-08-2018 01:41 AM

The raised oar locks do not inspire confidence for whitewater use ...

Nickels 06-08-2018 09:50 AM

I have a fish cat scout and it’s a great boat! That sea eagle thing looks sketchy! I don’t think I would use it in a river!

abeldin 06-08-2018 09:23 PM

Outcast Stealth Pro is a perfect single man river raft. I use it all the time. Its highly maneuverable and easy to row.

If you beat on the oars like I did you may want to upgrade to some higher performance oars. Sawyer SST's are the perfect choice. Huge power increase and basically indestructible.

That sea eagle looks like a death trap in real water. Stealth Pro vs Watermaster would be my only choices.

Personally if you are not overnighting I think the stealth pro is superior craft/better value. Overnight/camp trips, watermaster provides substantially more space at the cost of being a pig vs the stealth pro in rowing.

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